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Ivermectin On Neutral Ground — Used For Over a Decade By Dr. Steven Phillips

Steven Phillips M.D. is a Chronic Disease physician who has used ivermectin in his practice for more than a decade. The latest is: ivermectin is being used and studied to treat prostate cancer.

From Dr. Phillips’ 2022 paper: ‘It is important to note the many amazing qualities of this inexpensive, safe medication that’s on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines. It’s saved countless lives globally in its use as an anti-parasitic, and for that it won its discoverers the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2015. But in addition to that, its other diverse therapeutic effects, including broad antiviral activity, have helped solidify its reputation as a “wonder drug.

For example, many may not know that ivermectin, even on its own, has profound anti-cancer effects without significant toxicity, unlike many traditional medications that work against cancer. And when used in combination, it can turn chemotherapy-resistant cancers into chemotherapy-sensitive ones, as well as work synergistically with non-traditional anti-cancer agents, such as dichloroacetate.

Ivermectin can also induce re-myelination. Myelin is the lining around nerve cells that gets destroyed in Multiple Sclerosis (MS)—Ivermectin can reverse this in MS animal models. (This is a complex topic beyond the scope of this post, and not without caveats, so I’ll plan to write a separate post about MS soon.) Ivermectin also promotes the regrowth of damaged peripheral nerves and functions as an immunomodulator, meaning that it helps fix an abnormal immune response. And to top it off, “Ivermectin has continually proved to be astonishingly safe for human use.”

Given the above, you might imagine that ivermectin could be useful for patients suffering from chronic infections that confuse the immune system, as such patients frequently wind up with long-term neurologic damage. And that’s why I have so much experience with it, even before Covid. I’ve prescribed it for countless patients over the years and it’s been enormously helpful for a significant subset.’

To see the rest of this most enlightening article about this tragically maligned out-of-patent drug, please go to:

Also you might want to watch the tweet-video here as Dr. Pierre Kory, Critical Care specialist, explains in two very-tight minutes why they had to destroy ivermectin:

Share Dr. Phillips’ very informative paper/link from an angle you may have not appreciated yet, with your colleagues please. And Dr. Kory’s video explanation also.

More to come

Conrad Miller M.D.

Biden Trump Seniors Election 2024 Michael Moore, P Zeihan, Kakkar Rap
Presidential Election 2024 Coming Soon.
All three of the views included in this post of now in the run-up to the presidential election post ‘debate’ are excellent.
Michael Moore’s is very compassionate; Zeihan’s is analytical esp re senior moments; and the
rap is dynamic and brilliant by Kakkar:  [Plus at the end is a link to an excellent Robin Williams 5″ video where he
takes on the persona of the USA Flag at age 204!]
       First, a few sentences from Michael Moore:

‘Dem leaders want us to believe we didn’t see what we saw at the debate. But my eyes don’t lie. Neither do yours. This isn’t about whether Biden’s fit to serve 4 more yrs—but rather should he serve 4 more days? What happened on that stage was heartbreaking.’  Michael Moore

We Are Asking the Wrong Question About Joe Biden on this Fourth of July – [see Moore’s article link below, and then its text under the Peter Zeihan’s post], 2024

link to Michael Moore:

But next, check out this short one minute 25 second dynamic brilliant red vs. blue rap by Sharad Kakkar:

Sharad Kakkar

excellent white boy double-duty (red vs blue) rap only 1:25 long

Next ************************************************

The Senior Home Showdown: Delusional Biden vs. Demented Trump

by Peter Zeihan on July 4, 2024

‘If you watched the presidential debate last week, I’m sure you’re really, really excited for the election this year!

Since so many of you wanted me to talk about this fever dream we’re living in, I

figured we’d do it on Independence Day.

For those that didn’t catch the debate, you can just head to your local retirement home and get the same experience from a couple of relics living there. The gist is that neither of these candidates are fit for office and a vote for either of them is a threat to national stability. Great Grandpa Biden – I mean President Biden – revealed how much his cognitive abilities have declined, slipping deeper into his deluded state. Trump was off in his demented-fairyland-state where lies are currency and angry tantrums are the status-quo.

At the end of the day, not much has changed since my first prediction.’

Or use this link

‘The “true” independents will play a critical role in deciding the outcome of this election. Biden still has the upper hand, but Trump isn’t going down without a fight – and his cult followers will be sure of that. There is an opportunity for Biden to step down and have a more qualified candidate step up at an open convention, as long as its not someone like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders. And let’s be realistic, no other Republican candidates can challenge Trump’s grip on the party.

So, in all likelihood we’re looking at a 2020 rematch, with candidates who are four years older, less capable, and more embarrassing than before. Would someone be able to pinch me?’

We Are Asking the Wrong Question About Joe Biden on this Fourth of July – by Michael Moore – compassionate view ‘tis

‘To paraphrase an old Richard Pryor joke, “Who are you going to believe? Me, or your own lying eyes?”

Since the presidential debate last week, the leaders of the Democratic Party, in full 5-alarm fire mode, want us to believe we didn’t see what we saw.

“It was just a cold.”

“Everybody has an off night.”

“Ok, so it wasn’t his best performance.”

“All presidents have one bad debate.”

“You’re not going to judge 52 years of public service by 90 minutes of a lousy debate, are you?”

“He’s 81! What do you expect? You’ll be 81 someday!”

“He’s not a quitter. He’s all in. This is Scranton Joe we’re talkin’ about!”

“Yeah. Sure. The debate was a disaster. So what?”

These answers are all malarkey. That’s probably because we are asking the wrong question when we ask “What are we going to do about Joe?”

Maybe we should be asking what are we going to do about ourselves — and what can we do to get him some help?

Perhaps we should start with a definition of terms. Why do people keep calling it a “debate?” Isn’t that kind of like saying Israel is at “war” with Hamas? After all, if it’s a “war,” don’t there have to be things like armies, tanks, fighter jets, aircraft carriers, and the threat of nuclear annihilation on both sides? If only one side has these things, and the other side has none of them, is it really a war?

Was it really a debate if one of the debaters is so mentally and physically incapacitated that he cannot complete a sentence, randomly flips between discussing abortion, the three trimesters of a pregnancy and how great his golf game is, then looking around, unable to find one of the four cameras pointing at him, he suddenly turns his head all the way to the left as if he were looking for Rhode Island, and then out of nowhere raises his voice and shouts, “WE FINALLY BEAT MEDICARE!” Not Ohio State, but Medicare.

We saw and we heard all of that, no matter what the Party hacks keep telling us. It was heartbreaking. It was truly, without equivocation, unlike anything any of us had ever seen. No matter where you stood on the Joe Biden scale, from Joe the Working Class Hero to Joe the Banker of Palestinian Ethnic Cleansing, one thing was certain: This was not a cold. This was a human being in utter collapse. Not just political collapse, or performance collapse, but rather a full frontal lobe meltdown where at any moment you had to wonder… was it possible that the sweet and fragile existence we call “life” was about to short-circuit, or worse, lose power (to Trump)? And that no amount of shouting “STAT!” or cutting quickly to a commercial break was going to restore the President-cum-Patient to full capacity in order to save this even more fragile Democracy.

Do not mistake my criticisms of Biden spending 9 months in the loving embrace of Bibi Netanyahu as meaning that I do not deeply appreciate his 3 years of being the most progressive President of my lifetime. That’s right, my friends, there has been more action taken, through executive orders and legislation, to protect the environment, more government officials appointed who are, in their heart of hearts, Democratic Socialists, more serious funding to lift millions out of poverty, more support for labor unions, libraries, single mothers and college students deep in debt. And he has had this fervent, almost religious zeal to fight greed and obscene profits due to a true compassion he has for those dealt a bad hand in life — and he has had more of all of that than all the good presidents like Kennedy, Obama, and Carter were able to muster.

He will have another mini stroke in the next few months (he’s probably had one or two already) and then, sadly, the decline will not be reversed. Best to make a plan now and not wait until October. This is not about whether he’s fit to serve another four years — this is about whether he should serve another four days in the toughest job in the world. That’s the question we should be asking. If he offered to drive you from Flint to Detroit tonight, would you get in the car?

I’m not a doctor. I could be (and hopefully am) wrong about all this. But I do have eyes. They don’t lie. I, like nearly every one of you, had (or currently have) four grandparents and two parents (some of you have even more, with wonderful step-parents and step-grandparents). And if you yourself are over the age of 40, your eyes have seen it, too. The slow decline of your elders, followed by a sudden incident or event and then, without warning, your loved one is confused, not sure where he or she is at, can’t find the keys, can’t find the rest of the thought she just had, or the ability to even end the sentence he was in the middle of. It’s all quite normal and to be expected — and it will visit all of us one day. It won’t feel good. It won’t look pretty. But more than likely, that feeble, humbling moment will not be televised LIVE to an audience of 2 billion people around the world, with Jake Tapper’s hot breath breathing down your neck and telling you, ironically, that your time is up. Who exactly is Jake Tapper, you might ask yourself at 81. It won’t matter. Because at that point, when you suddenly blurt out that there are “1,000 trillionaires in America!” and you’ve spent your presidency trying to make them just pay their friggin’ taxes but now you realize these rich-ass barbarians are at your gate — well, then, nothing will really matter.

I’m sorry, my friends, but if I have to be the only one to stand for Joe Biden, to protect him from the cruelest form of elder abuse I’ve ever been forced to watch, well then that’s what I’ll do. He was in epic distress that Thursday night. Every cognitive default in his mind was shutting down. If this had been someone you truly cared about, loved, embraced — what would you have done? Would you have seriously even let him go out on that stage? Who would send an 81-year-old out onto any stage to debate a living monster at 9 o’clock at night for a brawl that would not end until 10:42 PM? Honestly, have any one of you ever looked at the clock, saw that it was getting near 11 PM, and said to yourself, “I think I’m going to give Grams and Gramps a call!” You never did that because it would be cruel. The only people who would think of forcing an elder to perform at that hour of the night would be the same people who would insist on 6 straight days of non-stop “debate prep” — hours and hours each day of standing and talking until you were hoarse and exhausted. Trump was right when he turned to Biden to ask him what his problem was as to why he never fires anybody. It’s amazing to me that how, a week later, anyone on this campaign staff still has a job after running this tired and grieving father into the ground. A man who had just watched his only remaining son convicted as a felon for the outrageous crime of needing help, for being an addict. Who would put this old man through a brutal boot camp, make him memorize 200 facts and stats and then pick the wrong podium without once going on the stage the day before to check the lighting, the sight lines, and where the bully would be standing, lying, a smug TV star who knew what the red light on the camera meant, who knew timing and how to wait and when to pounce and devour his prey — all while speaking in his softest, most fake-empathic voice, his most honest statement of the night: “I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence — and I don’t think he knows what he said either.”

Biden was not well. Biden did not possess the faculties he needed. Something was wrong. Did nobody see this in the days leading up to the collapse? Did not a single person raise their voice to ask, “Maybe we shouldn’t do this to him?”

But they did do it to him. And the repercussions that we, the world, and the generations after us will have to suffer through are not even part of the discussion this week. It’s all about making sure he stays in the race — and nothing about the risk to his life he is facing as they push him to soldier onward.

So I will say this to protect him from an out-of-control Party machine that is in a panic over what to do. For any of us to be silent now is exactly what the term “elder abuse” is meant to describe.

Leave Mr. Biden alone. Let him rest. Let him go home.

He has done his job. Let him have his dignity. Do him this favor.

Tell the press that President Biden has asked to have an independent team of doctors do a full medical evaluation of his mental and physical health.

When they are through, they, along with the President, will then announce the full results to the public and give their honest assessment: “For the good of his well-being, he must stop work, he must step down.”

The next day, President Biden will give his final remarks in a short and beautiful statement on the South Lawn of the White House. The place will be packed with thousands of grateful, everyday Americans — fry cooks and teachers, bricklayers and nurses, gay teens and vets, the homeless, the union members and the elder-care workers — all of whom know what he is doing is for the good of the country he loves so dearly. He once saved the world from a man named Trump, and now, in one last selfless act, he is stepping aside to ensure this Trump will be banished for good. Millions, upon hearing him speak while he wipes the tears from his eyes, will weep, too. Biden will never be forgotten. A profile in courage.

The Founders of this country were smart in many ways. They knew there would be presidents who would not make it through even a four-year term. So they set up a position called “Vice President” just for that reason. It’s amazing to think that we’ve had only 46 presidents and that 9 of them (20%) never made it to the end of their term. Four were assassinated. One resigned. Four more died of various illnesses. Each time there was a smooth and peaceful transition with the Vice President being sworn in as the new President.

This is not an unusual moment we are in this week. It happens. There’s precedent. And if President Biden is unable to perform his duties, there is a tried and true solution. He resigns due to the obvious medical issues that were on full display the night of June 27th. His vice president, Kamala Harris, is sworn in as President. By federal campaign rules, she, and only she, inherits all the campaign funds in the Biden-Harris war chest. Biden will urge all his Biden-Harris convention delegates to support her. She will now be the Incumbent President who will run on the incredible accomplishments of the Biden-Harris administration. There will be no real convention fight, and nearly every American who had planned to vote for Biden will vote for Harris (as recent polling has revealed). Many have already stated that they’d vote for a dead cat or a ficus plant instead of Trump. Some have even said that they would go all-out-Weekend-at-Bernie’s and vote for a “dead” Biden if that meant keeping Trump out of the White House.

One possible bonus in all of this will be that a record number of votes from women for Harris will make up for some of Biden’s loss of the youth and Arab vote. And there’s this: For over 8 months, it has been reported that Kamala Harris has pushed for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. One thing seems possible from this mess we’re in — less Palestinians will die with her in the Oval Office.

And this: Some day we will look back and see that we grew and got better as a country and finally finished the job of having a full, equal and complete Democracy. Our first female President, it turns out, ended up playing a big role in making that happen. Another gift from Joe Biden, picking her, knowing she was the right one when, during their own debate on a stage in 2020, she gently but caustically reminded him that as a Senator in D.C., he once stood in the way of her going to an integrated school in Berkeley, CA.’  — Michael Moore —



Robin Williams takes on persona of USA flag age 204. Brilliant!!!

Malcolm Gladwell ‘The Bomber Mafia’ Review, plus Pilots Spray Glyphosate, Chemtrails

Malcolm Gladwell is one of the 21st century’s great writers and storytellers. He takes complicated topics, extensively researches them, then distills the information into easy-to-read, graceful, interesting prose. This is what he has done for us in ‘The Bomber Mafia,’ published in 2021.


‘The Bomber Mafia’ by
                   Malcolm Gladwell[/caption]

Gladwell reminds us that in World War I, 37 million people were wounded or killed. Most of the fighting was done on the ground, in the trenches. ‘There were over a million casualties in the Battle of the Somme, a single battle that had no discernible point or impact on the course of the war,’ he points out.[i]

Harold George and a few other pilots passionate about the airplane, reckoned that ‘better wars’ could be fought, killing less people, if the airplane was deployed more primarily to fight them. George was an instructor at the Air Corps Tactical School, whose leaders ‘were labeled “the Bomber Mafia.” ‘It was not intended as a compliment – these were the days of Al Capone and Lucky Luciano and shoot-outs in the streets. But the Air Corps faculty thought the outcast label quite suited them. And it stuck.’

As ‘one of the spiritual leaders of the Bomber Mafia, [George] put it like this: “We were highly enthusiastic; we were starting on, like, a crusade…knowing that there were a dozen of us and the only opposition we had was ten thousand officers and the rest of the Army, rest of the Navy.”’

Gladwell goes on to describe what Harold George did with his life, rising to the rank of general during World War II, working with Howard Hughes, ending the descriptive paragraph with ‘And this is my favorite part: he was twice elected mayor of Beverly Hills.’[ii] Vintage Gladwell flavoring.

The Bomber Mafia was part of the improvement in the airplane’s fighting capabilities. Noting the flying vehicle that appeared in World War I had two wings, one seat and ‘a machine gun facing forward, synchronized to fire through the propeller’…that could kill a novice pilot flying it; …[Gladwell mentions that] ‘the most famous’ fighter plane of the war was named ‘the Sopwith Camel. (That’s the one that Snoopy flew in the old Peanuts comic strip.),’[iii]

Gladwell goes on to England where the question of precision bombing was given a chance to prove itself. A cumbersome 55-pound device called the Norden bombsight was heralded by the Bomber Mafia to be the answer. It helped you to focus on, and theoretically hit your target from miles high in air. But ‘The English…never got tantalized by the possibility of dropping a bomb into a pickle barrel from thirty thousand feet.’[iv]

Now comes one of the most precious non-violent interesting parts of the book. Winston Churchill’s trusted friend, advisor, and confidante, Frederick ‘Lindemann was a great believer in the idea that the surest way to break the will of the enemy was by bombing its cities indiscriminately. Now, did Lindemann have any evidence to support his idea? No…. Lindemann was eccentric and brilliant. But his greatest claim to fame was that he was Winston Churchill’s best friend.

The two men had met each other in 1921 at a dinner arranged by the Duke and Duchess of Westminster. Churchill was an aristocrat, and Lindemann was really rich. So the two moved in the same circles. They hit it off. As for Churchill, if you read some of the letters he wrote Lindemann, they are almost worshipful.

The psychologist Daniel Wegner has this beautiful concept called transactive memory, which is the observation that we don’t just store information in our minds or in specific places. We also store memories and understanding in the minds of people we love. You don’t need to remember your child’s emotional relationship to her teacher because you know your wife will; you don’t have to remember how to work the remote because you know your daughter will. That’s transactive memory. Little bits of ourselves reside in other people’s minds. Wegner has a heartbreaking riff about what one member of a couple will often say when the other one dies – that some part of him or her died with the partner. That, Wegner says, is literally true.  When your partner dies, everything that you have stored in that person’s brain is gone.

Churchill’s personality is important here. He was a man of the big picture. A visionary. He had a deep, intuitive understanding of human psychology and history. But he struggled with depression. He had mood swings. He was impulsive, a gambler. He had no head for figures. Throughout his life he was always losing huge amounts of money on foolish investments. In 1935, Churchill spent the modern equivalent of more than $60,000 on alcohol – in one year. Within a month of becoming prime minister, he was broke.

Here we have a man with very little common sense, no ability to handle numbers, no way to bring order to his life. And so whom does he become fast friends with?  Someone disciplined, almost fanatically consistent. Someone who ate the same three things at every meal, every day. Someone so naturally at home in the world of numbers that, as a child, he would read newspapers and recite back reams and reams of statistics from memory.

Churchill stored all the thinking that had to do with the quantitative world inside Lindemann’s brain. And when Churchill became prime minister, in 1940, just after the war broke out, he took Lindemann with him.  Lindemann served in Churchill’s cabinet as a kind of gatekeeper to Churchill’s mind. He went with Churchill to conferences. He dined with him. Lindemann never drank unless he was eating with Churchill, who was a big drinker. Then he drank. He went to Churchill’s country house on the weekends. People spotted them at 3:00 a.m., sitting by the fire, reading the newspaper together.’[v]

However, despite Lindemann’s preference for indiscriminate bombing in large volume, the Bomber Mafia convinced England and the allies to try the Norden Bombsight to precision bomb three ball-bearing factories in Germany. No ball-bearings, no working of many machines, including those intended for transportation and war. But, the Norden did not work in the dark of night. A daytime mission was required. Which was arranged.

The way it was to happen was Curtis LeMay, later Air Force Chief of Staff under JFK, would lead a decoy mission of B-17 bomber planes toward Regensburg, where Messerschmitt fighter planes were made. This would attract the German air defenses. Ten minutes after LeMay’s convoy departed, the 150 or so bombers that would head in a more northerly direction toward the Schweinfurt ball-bearing factories, would take off.

Gladwell plucked this unforgettable paragraph from an article written by ‘one of [Curtis] LeMay’s pilots, Beirne Lay, [published] in the Saturday Evening Post a few months later, describing the Regensburg raid. And it’s harrowing.

A shining silver rectangle of metal sailed past over our right wing. I recognized it as a main-exit door. Seconds later, a black lump came hurtling through the formation, barely missing several propellers. It was a man, clasping his knees to his head, revolving like a diver in a triple somersault, shooting by us so close that I saw a piece of paper blow out of his leather jacket…Now that we had been under constant attack for more than an hour, it appeared certain that our group was faced with extinction. The sky was still mottled with rising fighters. Target time was thirty-five minutes away. I doubt if a man in the group visualized the possibility of our getting much farther without 100 percent loss.’[vi]

You’ll have to read the book to find out what happened next. I haven’t read all of Gladwell’s works, but I think this may be his best-written, most-striking book.

Airplanes and Pilots Today

So what are all our military and civilian trained pilots doing today? Unfortunately, many of them are perpetrating two of the worst environmental misbehaviors about and above the planet. First is the flying in the skies of airplanes laden with chemicals, nanoparticles, polymers, defoliants, graphene, aluminum, strontium, barium, and other heavy metals. These are being sprayed without apparent regulation in the name of weather modification. Of course, all these toxins fall back to Earth to pollute, alter and kill lifeforms down here below, in the water, soil, air, and more ethereal atmospheres.

Dr. Rosalind Peterson, founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, told the world at a United Nations hearing in 2006 that the ‘contrails’ filled with these toxins can expand to cover an area of 4000 kilometers, and last 20 hours.[vii]

You should know that former president of the USA, Lyndon B. Johnson, prominently said, in his cap and gown, that developing a weather satellite “…will permit man to determine the world cloud layer…and ultimately to control the weather; and he who controls the weather, will control the world.” This statement can be heard in the movie ‘The Dimming,’ which is a good overall presentation of the story of contrails – also called ‘chemtrails.’ It also starts off most weekly climate engineering reports at, available for free on that website.[viii]

‘The Dimming’ is available currently on youtube, and also on the website – which has a vast store of other information, interviews, reports.

If you haven’t been looking, and think our government would never allow anything like this to ever happen, be aware that ‘the U.S. [has] staged more than 200 domestic tests aimed at assessing national vulnerabilities to biological warfare.’[ix]



Airplanes were used in 1950’s to test/deliver microbes/chemicals over USA cities[/caption]


For example, to go along with Dr. Peterson’s above warning:

‘The first Large Area Concept experiment, in 1957, involved dispersing microorganisms over a swath from South Dakota to Minnesota; monitoring revealed that some of the particles eventually traveled some 1200 miles away. Further tests covered areas from Ohio to Texas and Michigan to Kansas. In the Army’s words, these experiments “proved the feasibility of covering large areas of the country with [biological weapons] agents.”’[xi]

Also, associated with governmental/military/profiteering motives, please read this document that the CIA allowed to be released in 2000 quoting Vice-Admiral William F. Raborn: [You can enlarge w fingers if u have a touchscreen]


Weather Warfare’s Next Weapon — Wm A Raborn       CIA Released Yr 2000[/caption]

More information will be posted about this, on this website in the upcoming weeks.


Chemtrails, Morning Sky — White streaks are       chemtrails that will expand to cover the sky[/caption]

The second very significant misbehavior of Earthly pilots is the widespread spraying of glyphosate all about the planet. Unfortunately, this toxic chemical and its sister formulations, are considered the ‘most widely used [weedkillers] by conventional agriculture around the world,’ according to the Environmental Working Group.[xii]

Stephanie Seneff PhD and Chief Researcher at MIT, states that 150,000 tons, or one pound of glyphosate per American, is sprayed on USA crops every year.[xiii]

If you don’t know glyphosate yet, you probably do know Roundup. That is the herbicide around which most of our GMOs [Genetically Modified Organisms] are engineered to be resistant to. It is supposed to kill weeds, so GMO crops have less competition to impede their thriving in our non-organic fields.

Unfortunately, resistant or not, glyphosate-surviving GMO crops like Roundup Ready corn, soybeans, canola, cottonseed, alfalfa (hay), sugar beets, though they may survive, will be contaminated by glyphosate. As will our water, air and soil, along with all-important lifeforms upon which the human body depends, along with the Earthly network-of-life.

In her book ‘Toxic Legacy,’ which has been compared to Rachel Carson’s ‘Silent Spring’ due to its environmental importance, Dr. Stephanie Seneff informs us that glyphosate and its other formulations can cross the blood-brain barrier once ingested, to wreak havoc and cause death of brain cells.[xiv] This can translate to dementia, autism, brain fog, and cancer via severe DNA damage and disruption of normal brain function.

Breast cancer and non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma also can result from exposure and ingestion of glyphosate.[xv]

If you watch the Jeffrey Smith movies ‘Secret Ingredients’ and ‘Don’t Let The Gene Out Of The Bottle’ you will see, very graphically portrayed, the potent powers of glyphosate. It was originally invented to clean out boilers and pipes. Then, when someone saw how the runoff water laden with glyphosate killed all the grass and flowers where it ran-off onto, Monsanto knew they had a winner. Which eventually was used to kill weeds that could bother the genetically engineered crops they would develop and patent around their new poison chemical, that would be immune to the glyphosate/Roundup…[xvi]

Don’t despair too much. If you watch ‘Secret Ingredients’ you will see a family of five that has a child who becomes autistic. The next two children are born autistic. Then the mother, who has been a triathlete, deteriorates to having difficulty walking, as does her husband to a lesser degree.

Then they all go on a very organic diet, the children come out of their autism, and the parents go back to running and other forms of exercise. A very inspiring movie![xvii] Were the family’s maladies all due to glyphosate? Or partially? Be aware that between 70 and 100 percent of Americans tested for glyphosate (e.g., in the urine) are showing positive presence of it these days.[xviii] And honey tested by the FDA of the USA, and government scientists in Canada, found glyphosate in nearly 100 percent of samples tested.[xix]

A most disturbing phenomenon about spraying crops with Roundup/glyphosate is that many of our crops are undergoing a toxic drenching within a week of harvest and you are not being notified about this. The reason for this toxic drenching is to dry out the crops, make them ripen more uniformly, and eliminate mold.

I don’t have the breakdown of what percent are being sprayed by airplane, and what percent are being sprayed by unfortunate farmworkers in Hazmat suits walking on the ground. However, I do have a list for you of crops that are being sprayed so you can avoid them, protest to your supermarket manager and produce stocker about them, and buy organic versions of these crops. Or grow your own!

Wheat, oats, legumes, garbonzo beans, barley, rye; ‘oily crops like canola, safflower, sunflower, linseed, flax that are used for vegetable oil production;’ sugarcane. I will add to this list as time goes along.

Please let me add that Dr. Seneff states: “the highest levels of glyphosate have consistently been found in non-GMO foods derived from wheat, oats, and legumes.”[xx] Remember, ‘non-GMO’ does NOT mean free of herbicides, pesticides, chemicals, etc. Organic food theoretically excludes these entities, along with GMOs, irradiated products, and sewage-treated crops.

Also be aware that Dr. Seneff tells us that the USA uses “more glyphosate per capita than any other industrialized nation.”[xxi]

As for gathering information on airplane spraying of Roundup/glyphosate, I was informed by a friend out of Australia, that pilots there have been spraying it on crops in western Australia for a decade. Any information of spraying you can share relative to where this practice exists would be gratefully received. Then I can share what you provide along with other reports of use, in future posts or versions of this one.


Glyphosate Logo On Your Organic Oat Milk &       Other Organic Foods  — People ARE Aware!![/caption]

You see, something like this logo exists! That means that the consciousness about the evils of glyphosate is out there. Now you can help spread the word, and the logo.

© 2024  Conrad Miller MD


[i]   ‘The Bomber Mafia’ by Malcolm Gladwell, page 17; Published 2021 Back Bay Books, Little, Brown & Co. NY

[ii]   Op. Cit., ‘The Bomber Mafia’ by Malcolm Gladwell, page 34.

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