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2005 Big Stories Organic Bytes OCA

PROTECTING CHILDREN AND ADULTS FROM TOXIC PESTICIDES JANUARY: The OCA alerted the readers of Organic Bytes about Dow Chemical and the EPA meeting behind closed doors to remove the ban on the toxic termite pesticide Dursban.


Munich, March 8, 2005. In a landmark decision today, the European Patent Office upheld a decision to revoke in its entirety a patent on a fungicidal product derived from seeds of the Neem, a tree indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. The historic action resulted from a legal challenge mounted ten years ago by three Opponents:

Mexico Drops Ban On Genetically Altered Crops

MEXICO CITY Mexico has passed legislation that authorises the planting and selling genetically modified (GM) crops. The Mexican congress's upper house (the Senate), passed the law on 15 February, with 87 votes in favour, 16 against and 6 abstentions.

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MAD COW REGULATIONS: A LONG TIME COMING Last January, after the first case of Mad Cow Disease was discovered in the U.S, the federal government tried to alleviate consumer concerns by announcing new regulations that would forbid the feeding of blood, slaughterhouse wastes, and manure to cows.

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