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Scarlett Johansson Stars as Alabama Senator Britt on Saturday Night Live 3-7-24

SNL Biden / Britt open of 3-9-24 show

Joe Biden’s State of the Union address last Thursday March 7, 2024, and the made-for-Saturday-Night-Live Republican response from Alabama junior Senator Katie Britt has provided comic relief for a politically divided country. Scarlett Johansson was brilliant as the easy-target Britt.

As she first came on, I thought she WAS Britt, and SNL was playing the recorded response with edited segments to be added in. SNL did its best make-up job on the woman whose ‘films have grossed over $14.3 billion worldwide, making her the highest-grossing box office star of all time,’ quoting Wikipedia. Her performance in this open was one of the best ever on one of our longest-running comedy shows. She exceeded her potential and then some.

The below link is to the Weekend Update, which also reached into the superlative zone, up there with the best Weekend Updates ever. Michael Che and Colin Jost were the hosts who play off each other’s reporting/comments. Incidentally, for those who don’t know, Mr. Jost is the husband of Scarlet Johansson. He also was the editor of the Harvard Lampoon magazine while he attended Harvard (source: Wikipedia). Che and Jost are both apparently NY Mets baseball fans as evidenced by their photos used on Wikipedia.

Weekend New SNL  3-9-24


And why not a bit of reporting/commentary by the inimitable Jordan Klepper:

Jordan Klepper, she gave it her best — Britt