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Dr. Miller Is Interviewed on 850 KOA Colorado Springs Radio

Rick Barber of 850 KOA radio, Colorado Springs, interviewed Dr. Conrad Miller March 2 2005. Genetically Altered foods and their dangers, irradiated food in school lunch programs, the WTO’s over-reaching influence over the world’s economies and governments, were among some subjects discussed.

The interview ran for an hour. Mr. Barber was aware of the StarLink corn tragedy, and was told by Dr. Miller that 45% of corn in the USA today is grown from genetically altered stock. StarLink corn was not supposed to get out into the human consumption market. But it did. Tendencies to allergies and allergic reactions to this genetically altered type of corn, that could be fatal to an unknowing consumer, would be one of the main dangers with StarLink. Even today about 1% of all corn in America is still slightly contaminated by StarLink species.

The fact that 27 million children in the USA’s school lunch program were the object of the food irradiators’ push to get their maxi-blasted products
sold SOMEWHERE was bridged. Dr. Miller informed
Mr. Barber and his audience that possibly cancer-causing radiolytic byproducts of irradiation like ‘cyclobutanones’ have been found in irradiated food by German scientists. Yet our country and its FDA (Food and Drug Administration) continue to approve this technology without doing appropriate studies of our own, before allowing the rat out of the radioactive bag.

Dr. Miller said that 500 rads is enough radiation exposure to kill an individual via radiation poisoning. This would take about two weeks, on average, wherein one loses one’s hair, bruises appear about the body without trauma, and the immune system implodes.

Food irradiation blasts the food it targets with kilograys worth of rays that may kill bacteria, but do not blast away the food’s toxins. Without the odor of rot present, from the dying or dead bacteria, one would be prevented from being able to detect danger from these toxins via our sense of smell. Yet one could become terribly sick, in the short or long run.

A kilogray is equal to the following:

100 rads is a gray
a kilogray is a 1000 grays
Which equals 100,000 rads=One kilogray

And these food irradiators have been approved to use 3.5 and 7.5 kilograys by the FDA. Supposedly ‘our’ FDA. While the World Trade Organization (WTO) has declared that there shalt be NO limit set on irradiation allowed — otherwise such a limit would be an “illegal barrier to free trade.” And millions of dollars might be the cost of trade sanctions levied upon any offending country, trying to protect its people from this obscene technology that has to defrock any food of its vitality, vitamins and nourishing
content. While possibly causing cancer.

7.5 kilograys would be 750 thousand rads. Or 750,000 rads. When 500 rads can kill you.

Yet, be aware, companies like IBP had an official implore the FDA to allow “accurately describing the process to which a meat-food is subjected to
LOW LEVEL TREATMENTS” of “less than 7.5 kilograys” of radiation or ‘Cold Pasteurization.’

“Low levels”???? less than 7.5 kilograys????
750,000 rads. Feed me. Feed me.

(‘Cold Pasteurization’ is what?? A devious way of disguising what would actually be food irradiation with
either cobalt or cesium or x-rays or e-beams.)

However, even our Congress has the decency to try to prevent this travesty from being heaped upon our innocent children, as guinea pigs for a heartless industry. Dr. Miller read from the
reauthorization of the Child Nutrition Act, passed on June 25, 2004, by both the House of Representatives and the Senate — which does the following:

1) requires that irradiated food only be made available at the REQUEST of state and local school systems — it cannot be mandated by the USDA; (U.S. Department of Agriculture=USDA)

2) irradiated food cannot be subsidized by the federal government, meaning that the USDA cannot offset the increased costs of irradiated food to encourage their use;

3) factual information must be supplied to the state and school food authorities on food irradiation, including the notice that irradiation is not a substitute for safe food handling;

4) irradiated foods distributed to federal meal programs must be labelled as irradiated. However, the school is NOT required to pass the labelling on to the students eating the food;

5) co-mingling of irradiated and non-irradiated food is prohibited;

6) schools using irradiated foods are encouraged to offer a non-irradiated alternative.

Dr. Miller, when asked by Mr. Barber why this would be happening, replied that the nuclear power industry and our nuclear weapons program need to get rid of their radioactive wastes. These wastes cannot be safely stored, even in 2005, for the hundreds and thousands of years that they must be sealed away from contaminating our waters, air, soil, crops. So why not use them to irradiate food? Especially cesium, which has a thirty year half life, and thus a 300-600 year ‘hazardous life’ when we have to worry about it causing cancers, and abortions of blighted ova (eggs in your ovaries, ladies; poisoned, mutated, essentially ruined by super-powered radioactive rays), and accumulation in our muscles and kidneys to adversely affect our health in still unstudied ways.

Each irradiation plant would require between 500,000 to 10,000,000 curies of cesium or
cobalt to be aboard for irradiation of whatever foods could be subjected to this nasty technology.

The Chernobyl disaster, which was not a ‘melt-down’ by the way, but a nuclear explosion or
‘nuclear runaway,’ spewed about 3,000,000 curies of cesium into the atmosphere to carry all around the planet amidst our circulating winds.

Just think: the nuclear industry desires to have
1000 food irradiation plants all about this country.
And then each of these plants would have to be stocked with these millions of curies of cobalt or cesium. Shipments would be criss-crossing our highways and railways back and forth and sideways from coast to coast. What if there was an accident?? And aren’t we worried about terrorists?? Ambushing any of these shipments?? Using the radioactive material to make ‘dirty bombs’ — which imbed radioactive material into the bomb itself, which otherwise would probably be ‘conventional’ in nature.

Right now cobalt is the radionuclide of choice. Most of it coming from the Candu type reactors up in Canada. But our government is working with irradiators, financing studies to utilize cesium one fine day. So beware…..

But then you should find out that in Italy, it has been legislated that ë100% of foods served in schools to children 3-10 must be organicí by 2005. By that same year, ë35% of cafeteria foods must be organic.í 100% organic foods for all Italyís school children have been promised for the not too distant future in Europeís number one country/provider of organic fare.

And America’s mothers and fathers are not all passive wimps. Not when their children are concerned. Several large school districts have banned irradiated foods in their environs and cafeterias. Included is the 660,000 student LA school district in California. Plus school districts in Berkeley, California, Washington, D.C. and other cities.

When the phone lines were opened, Evelyn gave voice to being overwhelmed by all this discouraging news about food. She wanted to feed her grandson lentils, but he would not eat them. He preferred fast food, which Evelyn decried. I told her organic food is the way to go, and if she couldn’t get organic food, she could speak to the farmers and farmstands in her neighborhood and find out what they treated their vegetables with, and encourage them to minimize pesticides, while eliminating genetically altered crops.

Evelyn then informed me that she can’t do that. She apparently being a city woman, far away from any farms and lentils that would be grown out down in the prairies. She had to buy her food in a supermarket, and couldn’t just tell the manager of the store about soybeans and corn being genetically altered. Most old folks were happy just to get off the couch, she quipped, much less educate themselves about all this confusing stuff, or speaking with supermarket managers.

Mr. Barber said that he would have Dr. Miller back on the show in the future to talk about the US attempt at space domination; shooting nuclear weapons into space in defiance of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967 prohibiting ANY militarization of space — the treaty primarily being authored by the USA after Russia launched her Sputnik satellite in 1957 (see the treaty itself, plus a history of its development, in the Star Wars section of this website); the de-regulated release of radioactive metals into the ‘marketplace’ to then possibly accumulate in your baby strollers, zippers, forks, knives, spoons, asphalt, buildings, car chassis, etc. and emit radioactive beams that could strike one’s DNA causing unwanted mutations, and possibly cancer…..

850 KOA in Colorado Springs reportedly has a listenership of one million people. It is the most widely listened to station in the state of Colorado.

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