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Dr. Miller Interviewed On KSAC Radio in Sacramento, California April 28, 2005

Mary Jane Poppoff interviewed Dr. Conrad Miller, discussing everything from radioactive metals ending up in your zippers to the dangers of drinking milk from cows shot up with Bovine Growth Hormone.

The interview was fast paced on the All New Talk City KSAC AM 1240, and replayed at 2pm and midnight on the Voice of the Foothills, KAHI AM 950. Both stations broadcast from California’s capital city of Sacramento. This is another town that shut down its nuclear power plant successfully, as Long Islanders successfully did with the proposed Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant.

Many topics followed in succession, leading Dr. Miller to write the following email [slightly adapted] to Ms. Poppoff after the interview was finished….The first line addresses the discussion about the 22% of USA cows receiving recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone (rBGH) every two weeks, and the studies showing the linkage to cancer susceptibility of the colon, prostate and breast from the increased quantities of IGF-1 hormone in the milk of these unfortunate cows. Plus, the threat to our DNA from radioactive metals emitting cancer causing rays, as these potentially de-regulated de-monitored materials may concentrate themselves in our forks, spoons and knives, to name a few crucial objects in our homes, if the nuclear industry has its way……

Dear Mary Jane,

I hope I didn’t make you too uncomfortable about what you eat, and what you
eat with. But I wanted to give more answers, but this was a high paced interview. I was going to say
about milk that our mothers have not feigned ignorance in America. Not after having that little infant,
that tender, sensitive baby that mothers — and fathers — instinctively passionately yearn to protect. So,
guess what is the #1 selling organic product in America: Milk and dairy products!! At a 132% increase in sales
each year! Italy will have all organic food in its school cafeterias within a few years, and, in fact, 100% of foods served in schools in Italy to children 3-10 must be organic by 2005! That is NOW!

As for irradiated food, no one wants it. Because of those ‘cyclobutanones’ and other unknown undiscovered
‘radiolytic’ byproducts. That is, the food is bomblasted with 300,000 or 750,000 rads of radiation, and chemical
bonds are broken within this ultimately processed food. The research has not been done to see exactly
what kinds of byproducts result. It would just be too much to do. First, they do not even know what
these products are, or could be. It’s ridiculous, and to use this on our schoolchildren as guinea pigs.
Unfair. The LA Unified school district prohibited the inclusion of irradiated foods into its cafeterias.
As have many other school districts. The irradiation industry, unable to sell their tainted goods, was depending
on the 27 MILLION kids in the school lunch program as the gateway to make a big profit. But they
have been turned away. Even Congress stepped in, and prevented the USDA mandating that all schools take
irradiated hamburger meat. The info is on pages 100-101 of my book. Remember this: only 500 rads exposure to radiation is enough to kill us within 2 weeks via ‘radiation sickness’ where our immune system implodes, our hair falls out, our gums start bleeding, a horrible death. And these irradiated foods could be getting 750,000 rads of ‘treatment’!!! Just imagine what it does to the vitamins in the food, the taste of the food, but it still does not ‘kill’ the toxins in the food.

So, guess what happened in Pennsylvania. The irradiator in Milford township has just decided to dismantle its plant, and give up on this irradiation scheme. In comments, 98.2% of respondees to the FDA said they want irradiated food labelled. But, as with genetically altered foods, same story. Bow down to the processing industry, and companies like ADM [Archer, Daniels, Midland, Your Supermarket To The World], and, no labelling.

This all does NOT have to happen. With shows like yours, Americans may find out that they are being had, and demand labelling, which will severely diminish market share of companies that use irradiation and
genetic alteration in processing their foods, while potentially injuring our health. Irradiated food and genetically altered foods are not organic, of course.

Europeans know all this. They are saving themselves, while we blithely eat our fast foods, and consume
our unfortunate processed products. ~60% of canola is genetically altered, 85% of soybeans, 46% of corn, and 78% of cotton (Nike has just decided to discontinue using genetically altered cotton), so, be smart, Mary Jane,
don’t eat these. Read your ingredients. If you don’t want to use canola oil?? or corn oil?? Well, how about Olive
Oil!!! Very good for you. And right now, even if olive oil is not organic, I believe it is still OK. Not genetically altered. Good for breast tissue. (My wife has breast cancer, so we know what is good and bad for that very important organ of the female body.)

Are we just being too lazy to perceive what is happening, so we can just fly along thru our lives, and not read the ingredients on the label?? The people of America developed labelling laws, including putting the ingredients on those labels, for a reason. Now in the reign of Bush II, are we all too numb to just use your eyeballs, and do what is right?? Democracy requires work, otherwise the corporations will just do whatever they wish, while we fall asleep at the wheel.

I hope you get my book tomorrow. There are plenty of positive things that can be done. You just don’t hear about them. America has been called ‘The Persian Gulf of Wind’ because we are so well endowed, especially in the high plains. 2/3 of our electricity can be supplied by just the Dakotas alone, and the other third by Texas’ winds. Distribution is what has to be worked on. But any farmer or community can erect a windmill on their property and probably produce excess electricity that can be pumped back into the grid to be sold at a profit!!

Recall that windmill I told you about in Hawaii that can power 1400 homes. California has wind farms now.
Every state has wind power capacity.

Thanks for having me on your show. People have to know the truth, what is out there, so they can
get over their reluctance to adapt to these realities. Tomorrow morning you’ll be thinking about your milk and whipped cream (which I LOVE), and asking yourself if you might be hurting yourself. Then you might just go
buy some organic milk or whipping cream, or maybe some organic vanilla flavored soymilk for your breakfast cereal. And no way are you now going to give your granddaughter un-organic milk, knowing it can lead to cancer.
Your listeners heard what I said. It might be overwhelming, but the seeds are planted. And they are not genetically altered or irradiated.

By the way, you probably have passed a law in California prohibiting treating nuclear waste and metals as ‘Below Regulatory Concern’ or BRC, so such waste can’t just be dumped into the dumps and ‘marketplace’ there.
Citizens in a democracy have a responsibility to stand up and be heard. Al Franken will tell you that. Your listeners now know quite a few things that will be perking around in their brains. Let’s hope they call their Senators and Representatives and tell them to prevent dumping nuclear metals into the vast unknown, keep them monitored as they always have been, and demand irradiated food and genetically altered foods and products containing them to be labelled from now on, as is going on in much of the rest of the world. We’re not dodos, are we??

Not ready for extinction yet,
Conrad Miller M.D.

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