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Dr. Miller To Appear on Erskine Overnight radio show 10/8 2005

Dr. Conrad Miller will be interviewed on Erskine Overnight from 9-10 PM PST on October 8, 2005, internet accessible worldwide. Topics to be discussed should range from the
secretive onslaught of the new Monsanto Laws overruling local laws prohibiting the planting of genetically altered crops; Pres. Bush’s pushing nuclear plant building; the latest on “free trade” and CAFTA.

Dr. Miller will be re-appearing on Erskine Overnight 9-10 PM Pacific Standard Time on October 8, 2005. This corresponds to midnight to 1 AM on October 9th on the East Coast.
Also sure to be discussed is the latest attempt to pervert organic standards. Bigger corporations are buying into organic companies, but desiring to cut corners. Not remain stalwart to their inherited customers, who expect to eat organic food, raised humanely, without pesticides, sewage sludge treatment, irradiation treatment, feeding animals brains and spinal cords–which could lead to Mad Cow disease, or feed tainted with genetically altered corn and/or soybeans.

May 21, 2005 was Dr. Miller’s last appearance on Erskine Overnight.

The show originates out of Vancouver, Canada
and is carried live on 40 USA stations, including
KFNN 1510 AM in Phoenix, Arizona.

If your terrestrial radio cannot pick up Erskine,
then you can join everybody else in the world
who can hear the show on the internet via:

The program will be LIVE
and will also be
repeated on October 16th
from midnight-1 AM Pacific Standard Time,
which would be 3-4 AM Eastern Standard Time.

It will also be archived for one year

How to Listen via your internet hook-up:

Go to now,
you can check out the website, and make
sure you have the right player for
your computer to hear the show.
Might be Real Player 10 or Windows
Media Player, or others if you have a Mac.
Go check it now, so you can be ready for the future.

Click the “Listen Live” button
on the GCNLIVE site, for example, and check
what you hear. Then you will be ready for the October 8th show.

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