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Nuclear Relapse Goes Global for 2006

Not content to just sell nuclear plants all over the globe,
the Bush administration now wants to accept nuclear
waste from all around the globe and reprocess it HERE in
the USA.

We now have this very important document from the
Nuclear Monitor issue 642, pages 1-3, posted in the
Key Documents to Read section visible on the Home page.

You can go right here to read it. Very very important.

For while the Bush administration has now tested a new nuclear weapon with the UK underground in February 2006 – and you probably did not hear about it via our wonderful media – – the USA is developing new nuclear weapons in violation of the Nuclear Non Proliferation Treaty [NPT] while challenging Iran and North Korea for their defiant acts of same. Hypocrisy and insanity are running wild as our moronic government is doing all it can to commodify the most dangerous technology since the advent of man, 20 years after the Chernobyl accident that killed tens of thousands, and cancerized twice as many homo sapiens, not to mention its effects on animals and plants.

Read these 4 sentences from the article:

For example, our current Energy Secretary Sam Bodman
tells us that the so-called “Global Nuclear Energy Partnership” or GNEP – –
“brings the promise of virtually
limitless energy to emerging economies
around the globe, in an environmentally
friendly manner while reducing the
threat of nuclear proliferation. If we can
make GNEP a reality, we can make the
world a better, cleaner, safer place to
live.” Bodman’s fanaticism for nuclear
power and reprocessing runs deep: he
went so far as to say that GNEP is “a
program that we all believe has the
potential to change the world – we
believe that.” But the question is,
change it for the better, or worse?
Describing a global nuclear power
expansion, combined with a revival of
reprocessing, as a radioactive waste
reduction and nuclear weapons nonproliferation
initiative has to win some
kind of prize for extraordinary
recklessness, brashness and

This nut true believer in our dirtiest most longlived
toxic byproduct creating industry, borne of mankind’s megalomania, “our” Mr. Bodman has even gone so far as to suggest that this GNEP could also be described “as an international poverty alleviation
program.” Can we put any installation related to his ideas right next to his primary or secondary house? Would he still love it? 2.2 billion gallons of water running out daily from the “once through cooling systems” of twin reactors – which comprise about half of the USA’s 103 commercial nuclear power plants that supply the USA with about 20% of its electricity at the present time.

?Poverty alleviation? Translation: idea is to put the reactors in poor neighborhoods where such siting will be most weakly fought and protested against. Money talks. Not in my Beverly Hills or Aspen.

Also, realize that the “Dept of Energy went so far as to suggest that reprocessing could be carried out at Yucca Mountain, the first time it has publicly suggested such an idea.” Recall that this is the same Yucca Mountain with the 27 or so earthquake faults that scientists have concluded is unsafe for any kind of nuclear waste storage:
cesium with a 300-600 year hazardous life, plutonium with a 240,000 – 480,000 year hazardous life, are just two examples of the foolery of this fodderation. Also, remember that such stupidity would also threaten the drinking water of Las Vegas, one of the USA’s fastest growing cities. Senator Harry Reid is fighting this, the Senate Democratic leader.

Check the article in its entirety and tell your friends to read it, if you would. This is the most dangerous thing going on right now on the planet. Pushed by ignoramouses filled with the testorone of power, and the economic hallucinogen making them think this is a terrific opportunity to garner a corner of a massively profitable market. That could poison everything good on this Earth.

All the Best,
Conrad Miller MD 4 8 2006

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