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Bush Pushes Torture OK Law While Iran Rejects Their Almost Hitlerite One

Is there a parallel between the USA and Iran on un-democratic tendencies of late? The manic Islamicists
pushing, but rejecting a dress code; Herr Bush pushing for the
legalization of torture….

I did post on Sept 3rd 2006, the article about a proposed
law concerning a dress code in Iran to isolate non-Muslims that would have been very Hitler Nazi Germany. However, according to a colleague who comes from Iran, and is
Jewish, he told me last week that, no, that did not become law. Yet, look what happens in America: the Pentagon repudiates “harsh interrogation techniques” aka
torture, yet Herr Bush still has pushed a law that would make these same “techniques” lawful. And according to the very popularly read September 8th 2006 article by Adam Liptak in the NY Times, with this law?s passage our courts “would be forbidden from intervening” in the use of these techniques.

What is happening with our country? How far will we go to arrogantly step into the nether zone above all civilization? What happens when an American gets captured? Will she or he have any right to protest against being tortured?
Do to others as you would have them do unto you. Didn?t we learn that somewhere? Was it in Mein Kampf? Or did Vladimir Putin give George Bush II a gold leafed
copy of the KGB Guidelines during one of their pat-on-the-back yapyaps, when maybe the G-8 was enshrining the push for nuclear power global-wide, including
Mr. Putin?s favorite: those floating nuclear power plants that any terrorists would love to explode?

Some of our fellow Americans should be ready to expect that it will be OK if they are tortured by extreme temperatures, sleep deprivation, “stress positions;” because
it is OK by George Bush to do that to non-Americans.

President Bush said that he “cannot describe the specific methods used ? I think you understand why. If I did, it would help the terrorists learn how to resist
questioning, and to keep information from us that we need to prevent new attacks on our country. But I can say the
procedures were tough, and they were safe and lawful and necessary.”

“A senior intelligence official said that the new legislation, if enacted, would make it clear that the techniques used by the C.I.A. on senior Qaeda members who had been held abroad in secret sites would not be prohibited
and that interrogators who engaged in those practices both in the past and in the future would not face prosecution.

The official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, would not discuss the techniques the agency had used or was prepared to use.”

“In June, in Hamdan v. Rumsfeld, the Supreme Court ruled
that a provision of the Geneva Conventions concerning the
humane treatment of prisoners applied to all aspects of the
conflict with Al Qaeda. The new bill would keep the courts
from that kind of meddling, Professor John C. Yoo said.”

So, here we are in 2006, watching the Geneva accords be dismissed essentially as being irrelevant. And our country, which has previously been the world?s champion for justice, now is darkening its doors, condoning torture if WE are now the ones who are stressed and have captors to deal with.

Never forget that life is a two way street, as our leaders abort their duty to do what is right, so that all people get treated humanely. Remember, when those dogs are barking at your eyeballs, and the wires are firing that electricity through your axons, and it is way hot or way cold and you
have no blankets, you will say whatever your torturer wants to get out of that torture, even temporarily. And you can be YOU! or your son or daughter, or a guilty or innocent “terrorist” that may or may not be.

Oh yeah: also, isn’t it innocent until proven guilty in our US of A?? Isn’t that why we have courts and due process? What happens when YOU get arrested unfairly and end up
rendered to torture somewhere? hopefully not in Uzbekistan, where you might end up boiled to death in a big pot.

This is a despicable time in our history. Stolen elections. Ohio in 2004, Florida in 2000. Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State responsible for the 2000 election no-full-recount, premeditated-disenfranchisement-of-so- many-black-voters, debacle in that southern state that led to Al Gore “losing” the election for President, is supposedly winning in her run for higher office in Florida when
she should probably be in jail. The Plame leak, by our executive leaders themselves it turns out. The push for nuclear power spreading across our country, and the globe. The use of depleted uranium weaponry by us and now Israel, and other countries, contaminating huge areas of
conflicting countries for 4.3 BILLION YEARS!!!! (That is the “half life of “depleted” uranium.) The media controlled by conglomerates cross-investing and cross-board-of-directors-ing in all of the above to rake in more outrageous profits, while workers lose their jobs. Dow cutting their pensions by 2/3 for workers, but increasing the benefits for their multimillion dollar salaried CEO. Pilots getting their pensions backed out of. Setting the stage
for all workers losing their pensions, as the agonizingly pro-corporate government we are afflicted with chums the waters to scatter the ashes of the succumbable subjects which can then lead to increased dividends for the rich who want more war product sold and their bank accounts as ultimately increased as possible. So they can buy more Mercedes coupes and SUV tanks, and excesses of all sorts.

Painful. Iran is sick, as the Islam fanatics incestually fertilize each other?s minds with mad ideas. But at least they rejected their awful racist law they had indeed
proposed. Will we, however, approve our torture law, to set the trend around the globe for more divestment from justice??

Sad time for America.

Conrad Miller M.D. September 12, 2006


This is from the above-mentioned article post, which
did not come to fruition legally:

“A new law concerning dress code was passed in Iran this week.
The law will require the Iranian government to make sure that religious minorities [Christians, Jews, and Zoroastrians] wear distinct color schemes to make them identifiable in public. Under this new law, still awaiting final approval from the Ayatollah himself [Ali Khamenei], Jews will be required to wear a yellow band on their exterior in public, and Christians will be required to wear red bands. Included in this new law, the Iranian government has envisioned that all Iranians wear “standard Islamic garments” designed to remove ethnic and class distinctions. The stated purpose of the law was to prevent Muslims from becoming “unclean” by
accidentally shaking the hands of non-Muslims in public.”

That would make half-Jew Hitler Happy. But this is the 21st century.
Has this “law” actually gone into effect? Stay tuned. If so, why has this not been publicized? [Obviously because it was not a law yet. And hopefully would not become one.] Are we just trying to more quietly arrange
a nuclear power coup, possibly inducing Iran to accept not enriching their uranium, which they ARE allowed to do. Who gives the USA or the EU the right to tell any country what they can or cannot do with the fuel
they have to insert into their nuclear power plant cores? For uranium does have to be enriched before it can be used to generate power, by heating up water to steam to turn a turbine to create electricity.

The big picture here is that the corporations and powers that be want to keep generating as much power and electricity as possible, disregarding the lifetimes-worth of ultimately toxic radioactive pollution from nuclear waste that comes out of the other end of the nuclear process. Remember that the original nuclear plant was the plutonium generating factory for our atomic bombs, and then somebody’s light bulb went off, thinkin’ that
the electricity that could be produced would be “too cheap to meter.”

Not without massive subsidies, it turns out. Like $13 billion dollars with this year’s energy bill. And don’t forget the ole Price-Anderson act that limits the liability of the nuclear companies to a few more billion than that when that inevitable maxi-major accident occurs all too soon. After which you, the taxpayer, shalt foot the rest of the expenses needing to be doled out. Chernobyl, in a relatively rural area of the Ukraine and Byelorus, ran up at least a $300 Billion destructive toll. Imagine what happens when Indian Point goes, just a few dozen miles from
New York City in Westchester. With a north east wind, and the cesium and strontium and plutonium blowing onto New York City and the metropolitan area, the toll would be far far far more than that measly $300 BILLION Chernobyl disaster amount, more deep into the trillions of dollars.

And, guess what! If you want to insure YOUR home against a nuclear accident you cannot! Nope, not even with Lloyd’s of London.

A millionth of a gram of plutonium causes lung cancer. 454 grams are in one pound. That means 20 pounds of plutonium could kill everyone on Earth in the case of an accident, with the planet’s population approaching 7 billion people. And don’t neglect those plants and other animals, that also deserve not to be polluted and cancerized by us selfish humans. Who now are the strongest force evolutionizing the biosphere we have to share with all other forms of life and rocks and air too.

Each nuclear power plant produces 400-1000 pounds of plutonium per year.

There are 103 operating nuclear power plants presently operating in the USA. Most of them having “fuel failures,” meaning that their bundles and cores housing their nuclear fuel have been violated, and are leaking in various places. Causing, for example, the strontium plume leaking toward the Hudson River from the Indian Point plant in Westchester. Yes, that is happening right now. And they advertise on your NY Yankee radio shows, Indian Point does.

So, all nuclear plants can produce plutonium, and it takes about 20 pounds of plutonium to make an atomic bomb.

Thanks to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty [NPT] signed by over 160 nations, there are only 9 nuclear-bomb-capable countries. Sad thing: 3 of these are non-signers of the NPT. These are India, Pakistan and Israel.
Iran was a signer, now a troublesome one, as was North Korea. Diplomacy is important here to continue keeping the genie in the bottle as much as possible. But the USA is hypocritically violating the NPT by now producing a new generation of nuclear weapons, while yelling at Iran for their actions – – besides pushing for the development of nuclear power worldwide, in favor of our profit-driven nuclear power plant producing companies like General Electric.

Stay aware, and share these facts with your friends. Also, you may refer any nuclear power proponents who ignore the toxicity, cancer, transport, waste, and other dangers to this article and other posts on this website.

C 2006 Conrad Miller M.D.

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