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30th Anniversary Chernobyl Nuclear Accident & Fukushima Spews On Into Pacific Ocean

It’s been thirty years today April 26, 2016 that the Chernobyl nuclear disaster
occurred. Life expectancy in Russia and Byelorus has dropped by 20 years since
the disaster. But 60% of the radionuclides spewed out of the damaged reactor
landed OUTSIDE the USSR, mostly in Europe. More than a million people have
died prematurely thanks to Chernobyl.

Meanwhile, instead of eliminating nuclear power and its ultimate
radioactive toxicity across planet Earth, the powers-that-be extend
licenses of aging plants, and try to build more nuclear reactors.
In Japan the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant tragically had three
reactors explode on March 11, 2011. Meltdowns were detected occurring the next
day, and since then that plant has spewed 300-400 tons of radioactive
water daily into the Pacific Ocean, threatening all life in our biggest
water ecosystem.

Nuclear Plants Can’t Explode! and Burn![/caption]

You would think humans would be smarter than this, but the greed and evil
coming out of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, plutonium, radioactive waste
has mushroomed into a gigantic cash cow, the taps never really being turned
off since Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project developed the atomic bombs
back in the 1940’s.  Now we are importing other countries’ plutonium and nuclear
waste contrary to the laws of the USA, doing it ‘under the radar,’ handing out
millions of dollars to willing participants in the nuclear money grab.

Remember, nuclear power really is just taking uranium and fissioning it, splitting
its atoms, to create heat, to make steam, to turn a turbine, to produce
electricity, which is fleeting/long gone, while the radioactive waste
produced hangs around essentially forever.  And we still don’t know what to do
with it. Plutonium-239 has a half-life of 24,000 years to wreak havoc over and over
again producing especially lung cancer in those who might inhale it in tiny
enough particles to deposit in their alveoli or lung sacs, and emit alpha rays
that mutate the DNA of the lung cells, which sometimes is healed back to its former
state, or may go on to become anaplastic and multiply horrendously as a cancer
growth that will kill the inhaler.

Unfortunately, the ‘hazardous life’ of any radionuclide like plutonium is
actually 10-20 half-lives in length of time, so for plutonium-239 that equals
240,000 to 480,000 years! during which we have to worry about it, and
ensure that it doesn’t get out into our environment. Our current containment
experiments only can contain radioactive waste for perhaps one hundred years,
if they don’t crack or leak or burn or explode – – as happened at the W.I.P.P. (Waste Isolation Pilot Plant)
underground facility in New Mexico in 2014. This was very underreported,
as plutonium and other radionuclides drifted out of the facility in the smoke
resulting, blown toward Texas and Mexico and Louisiana. Unknown deaths will result
from that accident, but our media will not faithfully inform us about the
ravages of our nuclear experiments, gone way bad.

Only one microgram is the lung cancer causing dose for plutonium, by the way.
That is a mere one millionth of a gram. There are 454 GRAMS in one pound, or
454 MILLION micrograms – – which could equal 454 million lung cancers if
plutonium particles are dispersed in small enough particles to enter the lung.
Which may have occurred during the W.I.P.P. accident right here in America.
That means, in the big picture, theoretically 20 pounds of plutonium could
kill every Earthling on our planet, via lung cancer.

Every nuclear reactor produces 400-1000 pounds of plutonium per year.
There are 99 such reactors operating in the USA today, and lessening in number,
as aware citizens fight to close them, as the Japanese citizens did successfully
immediately after the Fukushima accident occurred, shuttering all 54 plants.

Plus, it is not only plutonium, but actually HUNDREDS of other dangerous
radioactive radionuclides we have to worry about, that exist in radioactive
waste. Cesium-137, recognized in the body as if it were potassium, can enter most of
our cells, and can cause cancers, heart defects and diseases, and has a
half-life of 30 years, and thus a 300-600 year ‘hazardous life’ during which
we have to worry about it. Cesium is scattered all about the soil around Chernobyl
and will be for a very long time.

Strontium-90 is recognized by the body as if it were calcium, and goes to the
bones and bone marrow where it produces leukemia and tumors/cancer. Its half-life
and hazardous life is similar to Cesium-137, but is much more difficult to
detect technique-wise. So most measurements of radioactivity concern Cesium.

Iodine causes thyroid cancer and has several different radioisotopes, one with a
half life of 15 MILLION years!  Nuclear power-produced crazy stuff to enthusiastically encounter, and profit from…

So, Chernobyl…here is the narrative that has been most commonly accepted
as thirty years have now passed since that morning in 1986…

April 26, 1986. Over in the northern reaches of Ukraine. Early morning darkness.
When that country was still part of the USSR.

Testing was going on at reactor number four at the Chernobyl Atomic Energy
Station. Power output had dropped to 7%, when suddenly it surged to
100 times 100% of full power in less than one minute!!! A catastrophic
steam explosion occurred that “flipped the reactor’s massive cap like
a coin and left it wedged and hanging askew inside the ruined reactor.
The reactor’s core caught fire, leading to the largest single
non-military radiation release in history.” [*1]

Here is another description from

“The nuclear fuel elements ruptured, and the resulting explosive force
of steam lifted off the cover plate of the reactor, releasing radioactivity
into the atmosphere. A second explosion threw out fragments of burning fuel
and graphite from the reactor core and allowed air to rush in, causing
the graphite moderator to burst into flames.”

Just in case it has been drubbed into your brain, NO, Chernobyl was NOT
a “meltdown” like many people continue to say. The core did not simply,
and more innocuously, just “melt” into the ground. Rather, explosions
occurred, and then the fires.

Estimates vary, but nuclear physicist Dr. Vladimir Chernousenko, who
supervised the clean-up [and subsequently died from cancer] “for a
10-kilometer zone around the exploded reactor, [stated] that 80 per cent
of the reactor’s radioactivity escaped – – something like 7 BILLION curies”
out of a possible 9 billion curies. That is an unbelievable quantity of
radiation. A food irradiation plant theoretically holds up to 10 MILLION
curies of radiation.

Of course, the “Russians and the International Atomic Energy Agency [IAEA]
claimed in a 1986 report that 50 million curies of radioactive debris, plus
another 50 million curies of rare and inert gases were discharged.”[*2]
Baloney for the nuclear soul, that report was later “condemned as a cover-up.”[*3]
Sadly, Soviet authorities cared so much for their people that they
“neither officially acknowledged the explosion, nor warned their citizens
until May 2, 1986.”[*4]

Meanwhile, “the fire in the reactor core burned for ten days,” continuing
to release radioactivity for months afterward.[*5] Yet (from Svetlana
Alexievich’s tragic collection of ‘Voices From Chernobyl’):

“They suddenly started having these segments on television, like: an old
lady milks her cow, pours the milk into a can, the reporter comes over
with a military dosimeter, measures it. And the commentator says, See,
everything’s fine, and the reactor is just ten kilometers away. They show
the Pripyat River, there are people swimming in it, tanning themselves. In
the distance you see the reactor and plumes of smoke above it. The
commentator says: The West is trying to spread panic, telling lies about
the accident.”[*6]

Soviet authorities took advantage of their people’s ignorance concerning
radioactivity. The fact that you cannot see, taste or feel radioactivity
contributes to it being kind of unbelievable that it can kill you. Might
I ask: Are Americans any better with their knowledge concerning radioactivity
than the 1986 Soviets?

Meanwhile, in America in 1979 we did have a nuclear reactor accident
that authorities maliciously minimized, at Three Mile Island (TMI) in Pennsylvania.
Lung cancers developed as a radioactive plume of unknown quantity was released
from the damaged reactor, as annotated by Steve Wing.  Arnie Gundersen,
nuclear engineer who investigated the accident, tells us
that one woman at TMI – came to a shelter on day 2 of the accident
and could not be admitted because her socks were too radioactive.
Her feet remained black for 3 years, and her dog died four days
after the accident, bleeding from the nose, etc., having typical symptoms
of toxic radiation exposure. Media pundits poo-poo’ed such histories as this,
calling them ‘anecdotal.’

So now we know what can happen as a result of terrible nuclear accidents.
Chernobyl has rendered the surrounding area unliveable really for at least
300 years. Yet, the governments of Byelorus and Ukraine do not change their
courses of nuclear history.  In fact, Harvey Wasserman reports a farmer
now selling milk just outside of the 30-mile radius ‘exclusion-zone’ hyping up
his milk as safe to drink, and incorporate in cheese, while the government
tests reportedly back him up. BUT, independent testing finds that the milk
is TEN times above toxic limits for radiation. Children in the Chernobyl region
are unwell, disproportionately afflicted with thyroid cancer and so-called
‘Chernobyl Heart’ disease.

Similarly in the Fukushima region, the story is the same, as is the government
minimization and denial of the problem.  Evacuees are being encouraged to
return to Fukushima Prefect. But Mr. Gundersen found on his recent visit this
year that, for example, the dust on the roof of the town hall in Minamisoma
tests at 300,000 becquerels (bq) of cesium per kilogram (kg) – an inordinately
high count of radiation to possibly breathe into one’s lungs every day. One
becquerel (bq) equals one atomic disintegration per second. These disintegrations
of atomic nuclei strike the DNA and can cause mutations and cancer. Japan’s laws
call greater than 100 bq of cesium/kg of food, like fish, too toxic to consume.
(USA limit is 1200 bq/kg, while Germany’s toxic limit is only 5 bq/kg – – recall
that Germany has wisely decided to eliminate nuclear power, and is encouraging
Belgium to close its nuclear plants after the terrorist bombing at the Brussels
airport this year.)

Also note that though the measurements are of cesium – that is what the geiger
counter tests – yet any or all of the hundreds of other radionuclides like
plutonium, americium, strontium, iodine, etc., will accompany the cesium
from the fissioning of uranium and the leakage of the radioactive waste
that resulted from the plant’s explosions and meltdown of the cores into
the soil and water.

In addition, Mr. Gundersen tested soil in a pot outside the Ministry of Industry
in Tokyo, Japan and found it measuring 4000 bq/kg; and the dirt in the gutter
at the same locale measuring 2000 bq/kg. Tokyo is about 150 miles from the
decimated leaking Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Plus, a woman reported that her abode in Tokyo was
testing at 125 millirems of radiation emanating per HOUR, while the usual
background radiation of anywhere on Earth at sea level
is 100 millirems per YEAR!

Japan wants to stage Olympic Trials in Fukushima![/caption]

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) intends to open a
facility in Fukushima to show how safe the area is, and how unharmful
radiation there is. AND, Japan is so insane, they want to stage
Olympic Trials in Fukushima!  Remember, the 2020 Olympics will take
place in Tokyo, thanks to collaborating forces of our current world
denying the extent of the nuclear danger of radiation spread across
northern Japan.

Doctors in Japan, by the way, are being harassed not to acknowledge or
diagnose anyone with radiation-caused maladies.  Mr. Gundersen tells us
that he met one doctor who had to close his office because the government
would not pay him when he made such diagnoses. Another lost his hospital
privileges. And Mary Olson, of NIRS (Nuclear Information and Resource Service),
who accompanied Mr. Gundersen to Japan, shared the story of two female
physicians who had been caring for atomic bomb victims, who began caring
for Fukushima victims. One of these physicians told Ms. Olson that her medical
society sold out to the ‘nuclear mafia’ re the government’s exerting
enormous pressure on physicians not to speak out against this unethical
policy of physician suppression. This similarly happened in the USSR after
Chernobyl, including some outspoken physicians being jailed or placed in
psychiatric hospitals for performing their rightful practice of medicine
re radiation-induced diseases and symptomatology.
Also in Japan, there is the ‘secrets act’ similarly suppressing the press
from reporting anything negative about Fukushima or nuclear power, or jail
or job loss may result.

Patients in Japan are getting whole body counts of radiation, but
the doctors are not giving the patients the reports. Plus,
Medical records are only being kept for two years now on patients,
and then being destroyed. This obviously will severely limit discovery
of medical effects from the Fukushima nuclear disaster. Again, as what
happened in the USSR and Russia, Byelorus, and Ukraine, which is probably
still happening, as these corrupt nations now are not abandoning nuclear

And, to further minimize theoretical danger from radiation in the minds
of Japanese citizens, instead of doing the right thing and making the
Fukushima region a forbidden zone, the Japanese government instead has raised
what is allowable limits of radiation exposure from the usual background
exposure of 100 millirems per year, to 2000 millirems per year, increasing
acceptable exposure by twenty times.  This will lead to ignorant compliant
Japanese people getting more cancer and radiation-caused disease, while
further minimizing medical awareness of what is happening in the country
as caused by radiation.

Mr. Gundersen told us in the conference call that only 2% of the land in
Fukushima was cleaned-up, but with rains and winds and dust, this
2% of the area is constantly getting recontaminated. He concluded
that the Fukushima region is “not safe for human habitation,” as one
would expect.

He also related that Hillary Clinton, when she went to Japan three weeks
after the Fukushima disaster in April of 2011, as Secretary of State,
signed an agreement with Japan NOT to measure radiation on Japanese
goods imported to the USA. Just think about that….

You can hear the conference call with Ms. Olson and Mr. Gundersen from
April 5, 2016 via this link:

Also you can view my much briefer two most recent youtube ‘Fukushima Updates’
via these links:   April 14 2016  ~6 minutes   February 3 2016 ~6 minutes

Also, you can watch me talk you ‘The Story of Chernobyl’ on this youtube

Here is a link to a Food Monitoring video after Fukushima and Cindy
Folkers’ lecture on this at the Fukushima Symposium 2013

This is a graph of cesium retention in the body over time, when
ingesting 5 bq/kg daily…   cesium accum

And here is a link with more detail about Chernobyl
posted on my website

[*1]�Chernobyl: Two Decades Later,� by Cathie Sullivan, Science For Democratic
Action, Volume 14, Number 1, April 2006, page 7.
[*2] �How Much Radiation Was Released By Chernobyl?� Nuclear Monitor 641,
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(C) 2016 Conrad Miller M.D.




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