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Organic Standards Sabotaged Successfully By “Our” Congress

Sad to say, the ominous forces not really caring about organic foods and products being organic have sabotaged America’s attempt to keep pesticides, additives, genetically altered feed, crops, etc., out of foods previously and futuristically labelled ‘organic.’ The deed has been done — ?for now? — thanks to our wonderful Congressfolk supposedly representing us.
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Int’l Atomic Energy Agency Wins Nobel Prize: Anti-Proliferation But Bad Legitimization of Pro-Nuclear Promotional Agency

October 2005 marks the month when the International Atomic Energy Agency and its chief, Mohamed ElBaradei, won the Noble Peace Prize for their efforts to halt the proliferation of nuclear weapons. This is good and bad.
Good because it goes against the rigid warlike policies of our incorrigible leaders who tried to have ElBaradei fired because he spoke truth to power
about finding no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, pre-invasion 2003. Bad because it
legitimizes nuclear power and the international agency that pushes it around the globe.

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