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Edition III of ‘Most Important Issues Americans THINK They Know Enough About’ Available Now From Amazon

At last, Edition III of ‘The Most Important Issues Americans THINK They Know Enough About’ is available from The book is double in size (550 pages plus Appendicies), with plenty of updating re the latest push to build new nuclear reactors with unlimited federal subsidies, the possibility of providing ALL the electricity USA homes require with wind and solar power within one decade (it is very possible!!), info re non-organic sugar now going GMO [Genetically Modified Organisms] with the patenting of GMO-sugar beets to provide half of USA sugar, a new chapter on Dignity, after all we’ve suffered with the brazen lies and deceit of the Bush Administration over the last 8 years, some facts about Obama and nuclear power that are rather disturbing, and much more. There are approximately 1000 reference endnotes annotating sources for the book’s information. There also is a section on the very worrisome North American Union organizing going on in the background, via the Bush administration, corporations, the military, in the updated WTO chapter. That may be one of Bush’s last priorities to fulfill, while Obama is standing in front of the cameras trying to fix the economy. Along with further deregulating control of GMO’s for Monsanto; lessening their responsibility for any pollution of our crops and weeds and food supply while no one is watching….

The link to the book if you wish to buy it via is:

If you wish to have an autographed copy of the book, you can order that thru the website.

In the Hamptons (Long Island, New York) Edition III is available at Canio’s Bookstore in Sag Harbor, the various Bookhampton stores, Second Nature in Southampton and East Hampton.

Dr. Miller On World Internet NY and Texas Radio Oct 7 & 10th 2008

Dr. Conrad Miller will appear on the ‘Morning Big Show with
Mike Cope and James Williams’ on KXYL-Radio 96.9 FM
Tues 8:45 AM EST Oct 7 2008. The station is based
in Brownwood, Texas.
We are unsure at this time if you can hear the show
realtime via the internet. However, we will be checking & update you ASAP.
You can go to the website to try to hear the show on Tuesday.

On Friday Oct 10 2008 at 5 PM EST, Dr. Miller will appear
on the ‘Keeler Drive Show’ on WXUR-FM 92.7 radio in Utica,
in central New York.
The show CAN be heard anywhere in the world via the internet.
Go to
and hit the red button for the 3-6 PM show.

‘Where’s The Common Sense?’ will be the subject
of the conversation. If you
are not in the Brownwood, Texas or Utica, NY areas,
and wish to hear the shows, go to the
above websites and click on the right buttons.

Expect to hear some of the subjects below

Corporate greed and the breakdown of our governmental
regulatory system has led us
to a $700 Billion bank bailout. Our common sense
should be offended by what we have to put
up with: foreclosures on millions of our homes,
but the banks and their CEO’s getting federal handouts.
Ignoring re-instating a 2008 version of the 1999-repealed
Glass-Steagall Act that separated activities of
commercial and investment banks.

Energy pundits not spending our hard earned money on
alternate energy that could safely supply ALL American
homes with electricity before the first new nuclear plant
ordered in over 30 years might come on line by 2015.

Having to swallow
the ridiculous claim that nuclear power is ‘green’ – while
the nuclear industry sneakily attempts to get
UNLIMITED loan guarantees below the radar of media reportage.
How the two main presidential candidates stand on nuclear power,
and especially the uncompromised-scientist-rejected proposed
high level radioactive waste (HLRW) disposal center
at Yucca Mountain, in Nevada. In a state that
has NO nuclear power plants, yet could
become the central dumping area for all of America’s
nuclear waste, as unsafe as the site is, with 33
earthquake faults.

The media failing to report news like HALF of all
non-organic sugar will be of the genetically modified
(GMO) variety by the end of 2008. Not hearing that
GMO-fed rats developed smaller brains, testicles, and
livers when compared to control study rats. Europeans aware
of GMO dangers, hardly having any GMO products on their
supermarket shelves today, while the overwhelming majority
of Americans remain totally ignorant of GMO foods’ dangers.

Corporations gaining too much influence over
our govt and media for us to even know this has happened,
leading our country in so many wrong directions.

Dr. Conrad Miller’s latest book ‘The Most Important Issues
Americans THINK They Know Enough About – Edition III’
discusses this overall picture.

Dr. Miller On Internet and Canada Radio Noon Sept 14 2008 on Barry Shainbaum Show

Dr. Conrad Miller will be on your radio and internet radio
Sunday Sept 14 2008 at noon Eastern Standard Time until 1 PM
on the Perspectives with Barry Shainbaum show.  The third edition
of Dr. Miller’s book
The Most Important Issues Americans THINK They Know Enough About, which
will be available within the next 10 days, will hold many details of the
issues that likely will be discussed during the show [link for you two
paragraphs below].  The one hour show will also be rebroadcast the
following Sunday Sept 21, 2008 at 11 AM and 10 PM and also be available
on the internet [See below.]
Likely topics to be discussed:
Is nuclear power really possibly green?  
50% of USA non-organic sugar likely will become of the genetically
modified variety in 2008 if consumers don’t call Kellogg’s and all the
other potential mass users of this patented-sugar-beet-half of the granulated
sugar market to demand labelling.  You can go
to to perform your civic duty on this issue,
and see and/or download a colorful one page pamphlet facilitating awareness
and citizen activism.   
Are you aware of the North American Union and its being quietly laid
upon the foundation of NAFTA to override many safeguards and laws of
our three countries’ democracies [USA, Mexico, Canada] without any voting?  
If you’ve watched the Republican convention and heard John McCain, you know
about the urge to DRILL! BABY, DRILL! for oil offshore.  However,
the so-called ‘Gang of 10’ Senators in the US Senate who will be bringing
a New Energy Reform Act of 2008 bill/amendment up next week (9-15-08) that
will back drilling for offshore oil, also have included provision(s) for
unlimited loan guarantees for nuclear power!  This is not being publicized.  
Wednesday Sept 17, 2008 is being organized as a ‘call-in day’ by for Americans to call their Senators at 1-202-224-3121
to say “no taxpayer loan guarantees for nuclear power.”  Remember that in
June 2008 Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut tried to engineer
through $544 BILLION with a ‘B’ subsidies for nuclear power.  USA budget
total is ~3 trillion dollars, or 3,000 (three thousand) billion dollars.
To listen to the one hour show on Sunday starting at noon Sept 14 2008,
if you are not in the Toronto area, go to  
and click on the ‘Radio Show’ words in the list on the left on the home page.  
Then hit the ‘Faith FM’ link and you can listen to what Dr. Miller will share
with Mr. Shainbaum and you, as a part of the audience.  
If you reside in Canada north of Toronto you can hear the live
Sept 14 2008 show on your regular FM radio at Faith Radio CJTW 94.3,
out of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.  The station should be pickup-able
within a 60 mile radius of Kitchener.
The one-hour show will be re-broadcast twice on
Sunday Sept 21, 2008 - at 11 AM and 10 PM via the same website.  
Again, for internet broadcast, go to
and click on ‘Radio Show’ but this time click on the Hope FM link
for the 11 AM to noon re-broadcast.  
For the 10-11 PM Sept 21 2008 re-broadcast, same same but
click on the Grace FM link.  And you will hear Dr. Miller and Mr. Shainbaum.
The Sept 21 2008 11 AM to Noon re-broadcast show can be heard on
Hope Radio CJFH 94.3 FM on your terrestrial radio in your car and
home and boat and RV – coming to you out of Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.
The Sept 21 2008 10-11 PM show can be heard on
Grace Radio CHJX 105.9 FM beamed out from London, Ontario, Canada.
Mr. Shainbaum’s website states:

*Note: You will need Windows Media Player in order to listen to the internet broadcast. If you do not have Windows Media Player, you can download it here.

Look for Dr. Miller’s book on or via this website.