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Dr. Miller On World Internet NY and Texas Radio Oct 7 & 10th 2008

Dr. Conrad Miller will appear on the ‘Morning Big Show with
Mike Cope and James Williams’ on KXYL-Radio 96.9 FM
Tues 8:45 AM EST Oct 7 2008. The station is based
in Brownwood, Texas.
We are unsure at this time if you can hear the show
realtime via the internet. However, we will be checking & update you ASAP.
You can go to the website to try to hear the show on Tuesday.

On Friday Oct 10 2008 at 5 PM EST, Dr. Miller will appear
on the ‘Keeler Drive Show’ on WXUR-FM 92.7 radio in Utica,
in central New York.
The show CAN be heard anywhere in the world via the internet.
Go to
and hit the red button for the 3-6 PM show.

‘Where’s The Common Sense?’ will be the subject
of the conversation. If you
are not in the Brownwood, Texas or Utica, NY areas,
and wish to hear the shows, go to the
above websites and click on the right buttons.

Expect to hear some of the subjects below

Corporate greed and the breakdown of our governmental
regulatory system has led us
to a $700 Billion bank bailout. Our common sense
should be offended by what we have to put
up with: foreclosures on millions of our homes,
but the banks and their CEO’s getting federal handouts.
Ignoring re-instating a 2008 version of the 1999-repealed
Glass-Steagall Act that separated activities of
commercial and investment banks.

Energy pundits not spending our hard earned money on
alternate energy that could safely supply ALL American
homes with electricity before the first new nuclear plant
ordered in over 30 years might come on line by 2015.

Having to swallow
the ridiculous claim that nuclear power is ‘green’ – while
the nuclear industry sneakily attempts to get
UNLIMITED loan guarantees below the radar of media reportage.
How the two main presidential candidates stand on nuclear power,
and especially the uncompromised-scientist-rejected proposed
high level radioactive waste (HLRW) disposal center
at Yucca Mountain, in Nevada. In a state that
has NO nuclear power plants, yet could
become the central dumping area for all of America’s
nuclear waste, as unsafe as the site is, with 33
earthquake faults.

The media failing to report news like HALF of all
non-organic sugar will be of the genetically modified
(GMO) variety by the end of 2008. Not hearing that
GMO-fed rats developed smaller brains, testicles, and
livers when compared to control study rats. Europeans aware
of GMO dangers, hardly having any GMO products on their
supermarket shelves today, while the overwhelming majority
of Americans remain totally ignorant of GMO foods’ dangers.

Corporations gaining too much influence over
our govt and media for us to even know this has happened,
leading our country in so many wrong directions.

Dr. Conrad Miller’s latest book ‘The Most Important Issues
Americans THINK They Know Enough About – Edition III’
discusses this overall picture.

Dr. Miller On NY Radio April 14, 2008 Plus New Youtube Video

Listen to the Bob Cudmore Show
AM Radio 1570 WVTL, Amsterdam, NY (30 Miles west of Albany)
Monday April 14, 2008
After 6 AM EST in the show’s first half hour
Available online: all around the internet world

Also see Dr. Miller’s ‘Nuclear Power Is Green’ ???? youtube video at

with a New Zealand wave at the end of the video, with some hot music.

Dr. Miller’s third edition of The Most Important Issues
Americans THINK They Know Enough About
will be available
this spring with a new chapter on ‘Bush’s Nuclear Push’
and an expanded chapter on radioactive wastes, especially
concerning the 20,000 TONS of radioactive waste Italy
wants to export to the USA that will be distributed/disposed of via
EnergySolutions corporation. Initially it will be received
in Tennessee, and re-classified, perhaps incinerated at some
‘thermal’ facility. But incineration does not burn
away radioactivity unfortunately; no, it just disperses it
all around with the sparks and the ash. Then we can breathe
it in, and maybe get our kids cancer. Or it will end up on
our crops, in our food, amidst the dust on our bureaus and
night tables, and be radioactive for tens and hundreds and
thousands of years.

There also may be a new book emerging out of the above 2 chapters
called ‘Nuclear is Green, Baloney is Blue’
Because nuclear waste is the product of nuclear power, and despite
all the Christy Todd Whitmans and Thomas Friedmans spreading
the frivolous baloney that nuclear is green, there is nothing
more toxic for a longer period of time than radioactive waste.
The only kind of ‘green’ nuclear power is, is radioactive cancer-causing
environmentally-polluting-essentially-forever radioactive green.

Plutonium can kill you with a millionth of a gram of it lodging
in your lung long enough to start up a cancer there.
With 454 grams equaling one pound, that means that one pound of
plutonium, as an example, can produce cancer in 454 MILLION people.
And 20 pounds theoretically can kill everyone on Earth with this
disease. Plus, plutonium-239 has a ‘hazardous life’ during which we
have to worry about its radioactive toxicity and ability to cause
us and our loved ones cancer for 240,000 to 480,000 years.
And plutonium-239 is just ONE of over 500 radionuclides that can
cause cancer and mutations and lead to spontaneous abortions
of genetically damaged fetuses, that are produced in each nuclear
power plant every day, in all 104 of our such nuclear plants.

But then there is wind power and solar power.
We have 18% of our electricity generated by nuclear power today.
Denmark has 20% of its electricity generated by wind power today.
Germany is phasing out nuclear power (as are Austria and Belgium),
because Germany leads the world in wind power. Plus, they are fast
acquiring and constructing solar power and photovoltaic energy
systems, while the USA listens to George Bush and Dick Cheney,
trying to be more and more nucular.

Germany has over 20,000 megawatts worth of wind power. And they are
adding more than 1000 megawatts every year in increasing amounts.

But the USA has been called the Persian Gulf of Wind! Because we
have enough wind according to the Department of Energy to generate
two thirds of all the electricity the USA needs in just the two states
of North and South Dakota! Texas could provide the other needed third.

See more in the Italy’s wastes/nuclear power post on this website.