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Missile ‘Defense’: The Trojan Horse for Weaponization of Space by the USA

‘Missile Defense’ actually is the Trojan Horse for the US weaponizing space. Our country is about to launch the first weapons into space, the N-Fire test satellites, in 2004, in defiance of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. And if the Bush administration and new NASA head, Sean O’Keefe, continue to have their way, nuclear power will be part of this weaponization.

Actually the USA was the prime mover to develop the Outer Space Treaty of 1967, after the Russians launched the first satellite into space, Sputnik, in 1957. We and other nations of the Earth were afraid the Russians would soon have the power to control space and the planet below. Then we could all be subject to their totalitarian communist government.

Unfortunately, in 2004, it is us, the United States of America, who want to maintain our vast superiority in space ‘to protect US interests and investment.’ That is what it says (on page 3) in the ‘Vision For 2020’ – – which is available in its picture book shocking 16 page entirety in full color and craziness in the ‘Documents You Should Read’ section. Every American should gaze upon this document. Scroll through it and see, it’s easy.
It comes from the US Air Force internet site, where it sat in exactly this form for several years (the newest version is not quite as vibrant, but the ideas are essentially the same).

You must realize how we are thinking today, via this document, to understand our actions and our aggressive behavior. On page 6 it says ‘The globalization of the world economy will also continue, with a widening between the “haves” and the “have nots.”í The World Trade Organization, born in 1995, is watching over corporate interests, ‘globalization,’ becoming the court superiore on Earth to decide and essentially be given the green light to overrule any law in any country.

Their in-secret dispute panel decisions, usually made by three men in Switzerland, on challenges to our dolphin-safe tuna law, our offshore income tax forgiveness law, our internet gambling law, etc., almost inevitably end up in decisions in which trade trumps all other considerations. The words used typically – – whatever law is being challenged — are that the law being challenged is ‘an illegal barrier to free trade.’ The law then has to be changed, or massive sanctions in the millions or billions of dollars will result, to be paid by the country whose law has been challenged.

US Space domination is part of the picture, watching over ‘our’ investments. ‘Space commerce is becoming increasingly important to the global economy.’ the Vision For 2020 says on page 6.

Or if you want to look at it a different way, Bruce Gagnon, co-ordinator of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, tells us ‘the US military is seeking to establish bases on the moon and elsewhere, so as to protect these operations and to control the “shipping lanes of the future.”í

Nuclear power would be part of former Secretary of the Navy O’Keefe’s commitment to ‘dual use’ – – for both military and civilian uses – – of NASA’s projects henceforth. Do we want to have nuclear power generators launched into space with 72 pounds of plutonium aboard? On Titan rockets, when one out of ten of these rockets have catastrophic accidents? That’s the record right now.

If you didn’t know, the Cassini space probe was the one that had 72.3 pounds of plutonium aboard, and had its fly-by of the Earth to slingshoot it back out toward Jupiter. Nothing happened luckily, even though the Cassini was hurtling along at 42,300 miles per hour, and had to theoretically come within 700 miles of the Earth on that fly-by. No mistakes allowed, or disaster for the Earth and its inhabitants would have resulted.

You must know, plutonium is so toxic, only ~1 MICROGRAM can cause lung cancer. (See article on plutonium toxicity Sept 25, 2004, by Conrad Miller M.D. on this site, Author’s corner.) There are one million micrograms in one gram, and 454 grams in just one pound. If you can still do math, that means just one pound of plutonium can cause 454 MILLION lung cancers. And 20 pounds could be enough to give every Earthling human being lung cancer, if the plutonium is broken up into small enough particles that can fit into your lung (2-4 microns).

Why would we do something so idiotic? Why put us, our citizens, our fellow Earthly animals and plants, and the innocent universe surrounding us, at risk? All our satellites are powered by solar power. The Rosetta Probe that the European Space Agency launched on March 2, 2004, bound beyond Jupiter, to rendezvous with the Churyumov-Gerasimenko Comet on a 7 BILLION kilometer journey , was and is powered by “high efficiency solar cells.”

There is money involved. Billions and billions of dollars for those contracts. We have the bone-headed new Project Prometheus that ‘recently reached an important milestone with the first successful test of an engine that could lead to revolutionary propulsion capabilities for space exploration throughout the solar system and beyond.”

Sounds great, huh!!? But ëin space NASAís new ëhigh-power electric propulsion ion engineí would be powered by a ësmall nuclear reactor.í’

Main point here is that these nuclear reactors and dangerous space toys have to be launched somehow into space. There have been too many rocket failures, shuttle destructions, plutonium powered-Snap-9A and Cosmos 954 reconnaissance satellite uranium spillages/contaminations that have occurred already so that we should know better by now.

But maybe we can explain this by saying Big Brother is here. And He is us. All humans who subject our own selves to such stupifying policies of domination and overwrought technology.

Americans must be aware of what we are doing.

Neither Senator Kerry or President George Bush seem to breathe a whisper about any of the problems of our space obsession to be dangerously nuclear-powered number one throughout the heavens, controlling the fourth field of warfare (the others are ground, water, and air). Awareness is the first step to re-directing our misdirected priorities, before we turn the planet we live and love on to a radioactive crisp.

See Chapter One of ‘The Most Important Issues Americans THINK They Know Enough About….Part I’ concerning Star Wars and Space Dominance.

To see how the WTO or World Trade Organization has come to be where it now is, see Chapter Three of the same book: the chapter entitled ‘Surrendering Our Authority To the World Trade Organization.’ Which is really what we and all the nations of the Earth have done.

Of course, we could withdraw from the WTO, and that would take care of the ridiculous bind all nations find themselves in, when it comes to corporate managed trade (it’s not really ‘free trade’ — think of how genetically altered seeds have to be protected along with film and song rights as ‘intellectual property’).

We don’t want weapons, especially nuclear weapons, in space, potentially raining down on us if a war develops up there. On November 20th 2000, 163 nations reaffirmed the abhorrence to an arms build-up in space by signing the ‘Prevention of an Arms Race in Space’ resolution at the United Nations. Only the USA and Israel abstained, along with the USA-dependent Pacific islands of Micronesia.

As Kofi Annan warned us before the turn of the millennium:

“Above all, we must guard against the misuse of outer space…The international community has acted jointly, through the United Nations, to ensure that outer space will be developed peacefully…We must not allow this {20th} century, so plagued with war and suffering, to pass on its legacy, when the technology at our disposal will be even more awesome. We cannot view the expanse of space as another battleground for our earthly conflicts.”

Copyright 2004 Conrad Miller M.D.

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