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Neem Tree Patent Revoked; Mexico OK’s Planting GMO’s

The patent of a fungicidal product derived from seeds of the neem tree, indigenous to
the Indian subcontinent has been revoked by the
EU patent office. Mexico has given the OK to plant GMO’s. See organic bytes under Your Food.

As the world tries to commodify our crops, foods, plants, etc. numerous battles are being fought across the globe. The European patent office has
revoked the patent for a fungicidal product derived from seeds of the Neem, a tree indigenous to the Indian subcontinent. This has
been a long battle. See the article in the Key Documents You Should Read section of this website, under Your Food, in
the Organic Bytes sub-section.

This is part of the next chapter concerning humankind’s and all living organisms’ rights
to live and be a part of the ‘commons’ which we all must share. Water, air, seeds, etc. are part of the story here. Terminator seeds that do not germinate are the extreme far end of the spectrum that the Monsantos of the world wish to sell, excluding us from saving our seeds to plant next planting season.

In this hemisphere, Mexico hath bowed down to the Monsanto-kine moneys so that our southern neighbor is now OK’ing the planting of genetically altered crops. Though this has reportedly split the nation’s scientific community down the middle. According to the article now posted in our Organic Bytes section, Monsanto et al are now the number two advertisers in Mexico, behind
Coca Cola. See what you think of all this as you pass over to our organic bytes sections to read these brief articles, provided to us by

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