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Dr. Miller To Be On Worldwide Internet Radio May 21, 2005 10 PM PST One Hour Interview

Dr. Conrad Miller will be interviewed on
worldwide internet radio and 40 USA stations
from 10-11 PM PST
on the Erskine Overnight show,
available worldwide at
Get your computers ready in Ukraine
and Somalia and San Bernadino!

The one hour interview with Dr. Conrad Miller
will be re-broadcast on the Erskine
Overnight radio show, 4AM – 5AM Eastern
Standard Time May 29, 2005.
The show originates out of Vancouver, Canada
and is carried live on 40 USA stations, including
KFNN 1510 AM in Phoenix, Arizona.

If your terrestrial radio cannot pick up Erskine,
then you can join everybody else in the world
who can hear the show on the internet via:

The program will be LIVE and
repeated on May 29th 3 hours later [1-2 AM PST;
May 30th, EST 4-5 AM].

It will also be archived for the
next year @

With the New York Times Frontpage Headline
that the “Air Force Seeks Bush’s Approval
for Space Weapons Programs”
by TIM WEINER May 18, 2005,
Dr. Millerís bookís first chapter
“Star Wars and Space Domination”
is ultimately timely right now.

It seems that the USA now thinks it can
break all its space-related treaties,
defy the Outer Space Treaty which
prohibits ANY weaponization of space,
especially pertaining to NUCLEAR weapons,
which the Pentagon and Mr. Bush want
to shoot up from our launch pads, even
though the USA was the primary composer
of this treaty after the Soviets launched Sputnik,
the first satellite in space.

Death stars up in space and the Rods from God.
These very likely shall be discussed, in addition
to aquaculture and the gray flesh of those
“farmed fish,” that has to be
re-colored with an additive;
genetically altered foods and how they can
affect us and our health, plus that of the
fields and plants and environment
of America and the world;
the Central American Free Trade Agreementís [CAFTA’s]
ramifications that you are not hearing about,
though Congress is deliberating approval
or disapproval right now…..

If you go to now,
you can check out the website, and make
sure you have the right player for
your computer to hear the show.
Might be Real Player 10 or Windows
Media Player, or others if you have a Mac.
Go check it now, so you can be ready for the future.

Click the “Listen Live” button
on the GCNLIVE site, for example, and check
what you hear.

Here is what Erskine emailed Dr. Miller
in expectation of their forthcoming interview:

Last weekend we did 1/2 hour on the upcoming
Codex meeting in Rome (July). It will limit
your choices as a physician, mandates
un-labeled GMO foods, sets higher standards
for toxic residues in foods, mandates irradiation
of foods, and will require all animal feed MUST
be treated with antibiotics, hormones
and growth stimulants. See

I think the issues we’ll be discussing just might have
a greater impact on our lives than the
Michael Jackson trial. It’s a tough call. Americans
are so hungry for REAL NEWS that we have
many listeners who tape my program to play back
during the day. We even have groups that
meet to discuss the topics
(especially in Lexington, Ky & Madison, Wi).
Unfortunately the NEWS has America in a cocoon.
You should be on The Today Show, Good
Morning America, Nightline. Thanks for
having the courage to bring these REAL
issues to light.
Talk with you Saturday (Sunday for you)


On: Genesis Communication Network

May 28th & May 29th 2005 Saturday/Sunday

9PM-3AM (Pacific), 10PM-4AM (Mountain),

11PM-5AM (Central), 12 am-6AM (Eastern)

Hour 4 [3 AM to 4 AM EST]

Al Martin, former Naval Intelligence Officer
and author of The Conspirators, discusses
Americaís economic future. Al is the
“insider” who names those in
government profiting from white-collar crime.
Youíll discover “insider secrets ” about
our present economic condition
and how to prepare for the future.
Youíll learn where the “smart money” is going
as Al reveals Ominous Signs For The Economy.

Hour 5 [4 AM to 5 AM EST]

Conrad Miller MD introduces us to The Most Important Issues
Americans THINK They Know Enough AboutÖ. Most
Americans are unaware that the World Trade Organization
and corporations are strengthening their influence over
our laws, tainting our food, forcing radioactive
material into our homes, and encouraging
our military to weaponize outer space.
We are rapidly losing our sovereignty,
forfeiting our freedoms, and destroying
our planet, all under the control of
globalist corporations and banksters.

Listen on the internet LIVE

Tell your friends. You can record it
somehow, if you canít stay up, and then listen to it later….

Here is the address to read the entire
article in the NY Times by Mr. Weiner, as mentioned above:

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