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Japanese Researchers’ New Altered Rice Multiple Pesticide Resistant

How about inserting a human gene now, into your rice? To make it resistant to 13 pesticides, so you can spray more of ’em on your toxified earth?

Yes, those lab-rats that unfortunately are on the wrong end of the microscope, are experimenting to whip up the demand for more nutsiness. Human genes into plants. Why not?
So something REALLY wacky can go wrong, and lead onto some other trail that can be followed.
Without a leash. Or the restraint that would go along with human intelligence.

Here one big danger is: more pesticides can be used.
It is the mongoose and the snake all over again.
Get that mongoose imported onto the island. It will kill off those evil snakes threatening human civilization. Won’t it? And then all will be wonderful!!!!

Except, then the mongoose had to eat something else when not enough snakes survived the onslaught. What about chickens?

Same same with this genetic alteration onslaught running off without any halter or ample studies to really see what might happen several generations onward…..

They did this with cotton, but actually it was to sell more Round Up chemical killer and poisoner of the environment. Made by Mad Monsanto.

At first, Round Up use went down per acre, but then resistance happened in those durned adaptable micro-organisms that one day shall inherit the earth we are messing up so bad, so selfishly, so greedily.

And now Round Up use is increasing per acre of cotton. And those boll weevils and superweeds will do what they naturally will survive to do. Eat up/Multiply around all those genetically altered cotton plants sown so industrially, acre after boring acre, next to each other without any intervening grass or alternating crop, to make it easier for the weevil.

Remember, the game is to make money. Make the genetically altered plant susceptible to the pesticide. And Monsanto prospers. More Round Up it sells, that’s the idear, dear!

Well, this could be different. Resistant to 13 different pesticides. What happens if this rice somehow gets its
DNA crossed into other plants and weeds? AH! That will be great! WEEDS perchance, resistant to 13 different pesticides!! Fantastic concept.

Superweeds! HO!

Who wants this profit-driven mad-scientist rice anyway? Didn’t we want organic food, instead of some experiment in nature? Food our babies could eat, and us harried adults too? Food that wouldn’t poison us, or give us cancer, or EMS disease that affected 5,000 to 10,000 people like L-Tryptophan did. Food that is safe. Food that tastes good. Food that has evolved more naturally, seeds selected free-of-charge, because their variety of whatever food tastes good, is good for us, has helped us survive over the centuries.

Rice Resistant to 13 pesticides. You know what is going to happen. MORE pesticides will be sprayed on our fields. Filter into our water. Those micro-organisms will adapt. And the fittest and quirkiest may survive to multiply, and make those super-weeds. Which may be unstoppable, or tough to stop taking over our fields.

Meaning the altered rice very likely will lead to more resistance of weeds, as the pesticides deployed may be used year after year over time. But this wonder-plant will save the planet, cannot miss. Right?

And more pesticides will end up being sprayed, to have a grand variety of those 13 pesticides tainting, poisoning your groundwater. While the adapting micro-organisms outwit the chemicals. Evolution. That is how it works.

We need some sort of government oversight here. Business unleashes its freedom to create and do whatever it wants. Corporations are being treated as persons in our courts. While we genetically alter our crops with ridiculous tomfoolery, thinking we know more than Nature or God or the inevitable balance of forces out there that make whatever happen do what they must.

Here is the next aggravating piece of news on this, from

Human Gene Gets Put Into Rice

GM industry puts human gene into rice

By Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor 24 April 2005

Scientists have begun putting genes from human beings into food crops in a dramatic extension of genetic modification. The move, which is causing disgust and revulsion among critics, is bound to strengthen accusations that GM technology is creating “Frankenstein foods” and drive the controversy surrounding it to new heights. Even before this development, many people, including Prince Charles, have opposed the technology on the grounds that it is playing God by creating unnatural combinations of living things.

Opponents say that no one will want to eat the partially human-derived food because it will smack of cannibalism.

But supporters say that the controversial new departure presents no ethical problems and could bring environmental benefits.

In the first modification of its kind, Japanese researchers have inserted a gene from the human liver into rice to enable it to digest pesticides and industrial chemicals. The gene makes an enzyme, code-named CPY2B6, which is particularly good at breaking down harmful chemicals in the body.

Present GM crops are modified with genes from bacteria to make them tolerate herbicides, so that they are not harmed when fields are sprayed to kill weeds. But most of them are only able to deal with a single herbicide, which means that it has to be used over and over again, allowing weeds to build up resistance to it.

But the researchers at the National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences in Tsukuba, north of Tokyo, have found that adding the human touch gave the rice immunity to 13 different herbicides. This would mean that weeds could be kept down by constantly changing the chemicals used.

But he and other scientists caution that if the gene were to escape to wild relatives of the rice it could create particularly vicious superweeds that were resistant to a wide range of herbicides.

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