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Prevention Of An Arms Race in Outer Space resolution posted

The UN Resolution numbered A/55/558,
has now been posted on the website
in the Star Wars section, under Key
Documents You Should Read. It was
voted on Nov 20, 2000: 163 in favor;
no countries against; 3 abstentions
including USA.

As the urge to dominate space and
the world surfaces, as the front page
story in the NY Times on May 18, 2005, it
is a good time to remember that the
world community has affirmed and
re-affirmed its distaste for a
foolish apocalyptic Arms Race in Space.
Apparently the Bush administration thinks
it can launch itself above such Earthly chatter,
and weaponize space. Including the launching
and using of NUCLEAR weapons in space.

Even though 163 nations voted on
November 20th, 2000 against such
arrogant behavior [in other words, 163
countries voted FOR the resolution].
NO countries voted against the resolution.
And three abstained, so it says
in the beginning of the document
from the UN which is now located
in the Star Wars section of this website.
The USA, Israel and Micronesia were the abstainers.

This is a very urgent time for the world to wake
up and hear about this ominous ultimate debacle
for our planet. Does the USA really think it is
beyond all restraint? That no one else will
also launch weapons into space if we do so,
breaking past treaties, and defying the
expressed sentiments of the
overwhelming majority of the world community?

Check the document.

Also, down below is the link to the
NY Times article by
Tim Weiner for May 18, 2005
where NO MENTION of the word “NUCLEAR’
makes it into the verbiage of the story.
Remember Project Prometheus —
already funded to use nuclear weapons
in space. Just working out the details;
constructing the weapons and

Remember that we have solar power for
all of our satellites up in space.
The USA was the devisor of such
workable technology.

Remember that nuclear power and
nuclear weapons go hand in hand,
as we now have
a madman at the helm, ready to
make the space around the Earth
another possible nuclear battleground
with dire consequences inevitable.

And all things nuclear are part of the story:
we have nuclear waste, so what to do with it?
Depleted uranium weapons and
depleted uranium ballast in airplanes.
“Depleted” sometimes not being exactly
so, as plutonium sometimes mixes in
with the uranium. Cancer results.
And an Iraq polluted with hundreds of
TONS of radioactive weapons waste.
Iraq, that we media-wrench
so oilfully about caring about.

And that nuclear waste still unstoreable.
Why not use it for food irradiation??
Megablast our natural food with
hundreds of thousands of rads from
nuclear waste, from nuclear power
plants, meaning cesium and cobalt.
When just 500 rads is a fatal dose
for a human being, to die within
two weeks of radiation poisoning,
hair falling out, immune system
imploding, gums bleeding.

And release more nuclear waste as
below regulatory concern — nah,
why monitor it? HEY, when this is legal
you can SELL it!! De-monitor
radioactive metals from our nuclear
power plants and weapons facilities.
De-regulate. Let it flow into the
almighty ‘marketplace.’ So what
if the now un-tracked waste
might end up in YOUR zipper to radiate
your vital organ(s) and possibly
cause cancer by emitting rays that
bombard the DNA of your cells
and mutate it.
Also, that radioactive nickle might
just end up in your baby stroller, forks,
knives, spoons, batteries, asphalt,
car chassis, building foundation. So,
where is that geiger counter special
happening next week??


And idiocy.

Based on greed.

Here is the Tim Weiner article site and first lines:

Air Force Seeks Bush’s Approval for
Space Weapons Programs
By TIM WEINER May 18, 2005

“The Air Force, saying it must secure
space to protect the nation from attack,
is seeking President Bush’s approval of
a national-security directive that could
move the United States closer to
fielding OFFENSIVE and defensive
space weapons, according to White
House and Air Force officials.

The proposed change would be
a substantial shift in American policy.
It would almost certainly be opposed
by many American allies and
potential enemies, who have said
it may create an arms race in space.”

But our leaders do not care very much.
The planet is ours.
We want our corporations to have free
reign over the resources of the planet.
Or: is it the other way around, sucker
Bush and sucker Americans? that
the corporations want the tool country-USA to
hand them free reign to do whatever
they wish in pursuit of profit?? Even
though our economy and workers
and citizens may be suffering,
under a dodo-cripplifying policy
of short sightedness and unmoral
money/support from an unhuman entity
that cannot help itself. The corporation.
Like a robot, but a legal entity.

Remember that line from page 3
of the Vision for 2020
[present on this site in full color, all
17 pages, in the Star Wars section]

“US Space Command – – dominating the
space dimension of military operations
to protect US interests and INVESTMENT.”

[capital letters mine in the above paragraphs]

Weiner link NY Times article from May 18 2005

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