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Dr. Miller To Be Interviewed on C-Fax Newsline Tuesday June 21, 2005

Terry Moore will be interviewing Dr. Conrad Miller
on June 21st, 2005 at 5:10 – 5:30 PM PST broadcast
from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, available
on internet at

Terry Moore show available on internet Monday Thru
Friday 3-7 P.M. Pacific Standard Time [PST] on
the internet via Just
click on the “mike.” Regular listeners to the
show reported to hear it in China, Philippines, Brazil,
New York. Moore show has a news magazine format, with finance, sports, lifestyles, health features in addition to

Also, Dr. Miller’s Canio Books reading
has been videotaped for televising at
a later date to be announced soon.
It will run as a one hour show.
The major areas addressed in this reading
were how genetically altered foods become
such, plus their effects on the human body
and environment; our genetically recombinant
Bovine Growth Hormone [rBGH]-ed milk
and its cancer connections, with 22% of USA
milk cows injected every two weeks with
this hormone; and the future of our electricity
and energy supplies that could be very
sustainable while this government we now have
is attempting to de-regulate and de-monitor
radioactive metals and materials so these
will slip into the so-called MARKETPLACE to
possibly concentrate in our zippers, utensils,
baby strollers, asphalt, building foundations,
etc. Main source of radioactive metals and waste:
nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons production.
See latest post on nickle and this
de-monitoring in Authors Corner June 18 2005.

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