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“Enron – The Smartest Guys In The Room” A Must Must See Movie

Help get this movie on your television screen all over America. You’ve gone down the same road
too many times; you’ve become immune to what you’re seeing and how you should react to it….

Tonight I saw the Enron movie “Enron – The Smartest Guys In The Room,” recapping the story of that companyís precipitous riches to rags crash. This is a very disturbing movie as commentary on where our country exists now in its corporate crib, feeding the rich and amoral. Business people running amuck, having way
too much influence over our government. Enron giving Alan Greenspan an Enron
award. Ken Lay possibly being your
Secretary of Energy, under his convivial campaign donation recipient, George Bush.
Jeff Skilling and Lay lieing to their workers, telling them to buy more Enron stock
and invest in Enronís 401k plan, while
they sold millions of dollars worth of
their own stock.

The unfortunate story of the Portland Gas & Electric workers, taken over by Enron, but instead of having their company maintain its identity, everything rapidly switched into Enronís name. So when the company went bankrupt, these honest hard-working people lost just about everything. One lineman told the moviemaker that at its highest he had about $345,000 with Enron, but when the bottom fell out, he sold his Enron investments for $1200. People who had worked at the company for decades before Enron crept in — and owned what was PG & E for only a few years — certainly paid a terrible price with a ruthless uncaring company. But then arenít all corporations basically uncaring? That is what this movie makes you ask. Corporations are not human or moral. Money must be made, or the company goes under, and/or investors clamor for the heads of the companyís leaders. The Bottom Line is what is all important. The executives down to the janitors are all subject to the need to perform and make that profit.

However, Skilling and Lay were something else. And how they cooked the books with offshore companies, and how Andrew Fastow, the CFO (Chief Financial Officer), sold a multitude of bankers on buying into a phony conflict-of-interest debt ridden company, was just too much not to be exasperating. Citibank and all the big banks you can think of bought into the scam, knowing it was a scam. The Andersen accounting company too, being complicit, being ruined by their scamming actions with Enron. Shredding loads of documents when the hammer fell.

30,000 Enron workers lost their jobs and finances when Enron went bankrupt. And 29,000 workers at Arthur Andersen also lost their jobs when that company went under.

And sure enough, there was George Bush, AND his father, in separate video tributes to a departing Enron executive. Bush obviously chest deep, and Cheney too, with their involvement with Enron and Ken Lay. The California deregulation story was made more clear, aided by recordings of traders profanely laughing at the plight of that state, actually calling power plants on tape, asking and/or telling them to figure out ways to shut off their plants for a while. This drove demand up, and prices up. Did Bush or Cheney step in to help? Why did FERC [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] not step in and come to Californiaís aid? Maybe because the head of FERC at the time was a young man who
Ken Lay had picked out for his pal,
George Bush, to lead the Commission?

And then the mysterious meeting with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ken Lay. In LA. No notes available for that one. But then he becomes Governor of California! Remember that?

And now we are pushing this deregulation idea on other countries via the WTO and CAFTA and FTAA, and all the other Free Trade agreements corporations can help champion. How can this be happening? Why isnít this movie running on television once a week or once a month? Same reason we are not hearing about the dangers of genetically altered foods in this country; and the dangers of nuclear power and only one microgram of plutonium being enough to cause lung cancer when 500-1000 pounds are produced in each of our 103 nuclear plants, as President Bush claims nuclear power is “safe and clean.”

The media is corporate to the Nth degree. And Citibank and all the banks that finance television and radio are an intricate part of the Enron story. But if you see this movie, you will be thinking that we have come to a watershed with this right wing corporate mania that is ruining the world right in front of our eyes. But, without seeing movies like “Enron -…..” we donít get the gratification and intellectual backing of seeing this ruining verified by the media. So, perhaps most of us doubt our senses. Our pensions being zilched, our working environmental laws being
compromised by a Big Brother kind
of mentality, babbled venally by
George Bush, Dick Cheney et. al.;
our constitutional rights being robbed
from us; our economy being destroyed.

China is loaning us $200 billion a year,
maybe $300 billion this year, which
helps us maintain our escalating
budget deficit of over $400 billion
per year under Mr. Bush. But when will
we crash like Enron???

Go see this movie. And see if you can get it
on your television for others to see. It will
alter the perspective of this country, and
shift the balance a few degrees toward
sanity, before it is too late.

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