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Dr. Miller Interviewed on WTBQ radio in Florida NY July 25 2005

Urban Herbalist Host Marguerite Dunn interviewed Dr. Conrad Miller on July 25, 2005. Genetically altered crops and foods; Bovine Growth Hormone treated cows in the USA and the dangers of the milk produced because of this treatment; were some of the topics discussed.

Dr. Conrad Miller appeared on Marguerite Dunnís “Urban Herbalist” show July 25, 2005 on WTBQ radio in Florida, New York. Milk cows injected with recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone every 2 weeks, and the repercussions of this treatment in 22% of U.S. milk cows were discussed. As were facets of genetically altering our food supply in this country, as opposed to the rest of planet Earth, where moratoriums upon, and labelling of, biotech
products are in force, and increasingly so.

Also shared was the story, hardly being mentioned in the media, yet spreading like napalming wildfire, of Monsanto and the Gene Giant corporationís campaign to pre-empt towns, cities, and counties from enforcing any
prohibition these principalities voted in, concerning planting of genetically altered crops in their environs. See more on this on this website at:


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