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Whaleburgers For Sale!!!

A Japanese restaurant chain entitled Lucky Pierrot now offers deep fried whale burgers to the customers of its 10 joints on the isle of Hokkaido. This just began last month, June 2005, as Japan planned to double the number of whales it slaughters for its “research program.”

Here we are in 2005, and the unbelievable greed of man
continues to show its ugly devouring head as it swells and swaggers. Now we can have a whaleburger. Deep fried.
Miku Oh, an official for Lucky Pierrot, the Japanese chain that is merchandising this product tells the world that the whale for the burger is cooked in such a way that “it tastes like beef and tuna, and since it is deep fried it has no odor.”


Detach me from what I eat further, so’s I won’t know from
whence it comes. Beef. Tuna. Whale.

Meanwhile, Japan wants to double the amount of whales it kills so it can do better with its research on them. Are we talking about 5 or 10?? According to the article that you can access via doinking the weblink below:

“Annually, Japan kills about 400 minke whales in the Antarctic and another 210 whales _ 100 minke whales, 50 Bryde’s whales, 50 sei whales and 10 sperm whales _ in the northwestern Pacific.”

I confess I ate whale meat once when I visited Norway >> back in 1972 when I was a young un. Was in a cafeteria there. Dark meat. Did not taste great, I remember that. But then it was not in burger form. Not deep fried. Norway is one of the countries that wants to continue its whaling. Just like some folks in Japan, like the Lucky Pierrot chainees, who say that they want “to preserve the culture of eating whale meat.”

“People in other countries may think (eating whale) is strange, but it is our culture,” Ms. Miku Oh reflected.

However, the article quoted also notes that:

“Environmental groups and anti-whaling countries, including the United States and Britain, say Japan’s research whaling program is a thinly disguised commercial whaling venture, stressing that meat from the whales is sold to Japanese supermarkets and restaurants to help fund the program.”

Is man above all other animals and plants, here on the only
Earth we have to live upon?? Can we restrain ourselves enough to stay in a balance that will allow our supposed “intelligence” to insightfully figure out how to help continue our healthful existence on this planet, in tune with the realities our profit-mongering side declines to dignifiedly respect??

doink here for more of the article:

What you do and how you live is how you exert your influence on the future of mankind and our inter-reaction with our fellow life-forms and rocks too.

Copyright 20005 Conrad Miller M.D.

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