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A Loo With A View

New Zealand update on Phil Waters getting into the site
where he will be living in a house someday . . .

Well, the hill has its own loo now!!!

We have just completed our first building project, the
dunny/longdrop/outhouse(without the house) some minor adjustments were needed, after cutting out panels before we went up to the hill (so they could fit into the station wagon) they were wrong or we did not get the base square as it should be, but what the heck it still looks good.

We spend as much time up there now, with a bed in the cabin and gas cooker, and now the dunny, our first night up there after coming off my 4 day shift was a magic moment, the sky was clear but full of stars, what a night!!!

Also, check this about the disgusting cane toads
imported to Australia, and now without any natural predators
in Oz, these horny skinned critters are still overrunning dee place…..

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