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December 12, 2005 Surfing in the Caribbean Hearing a Few Things

Cheney wants to continue torture being allowed for the CIA, while Congress tries to outlaw
torture all together – – like it should be. IAEA head says all nuclear weapons should be
removed from existence, but what about nuclear power??

Yes, surfing is important on this Crest Of The Wave site. Been doing it. But a bit slack on new posts, which will come in the next weeks again. There are some television stations down here, including a couple of BBC ones. CNN too. Word is that the Congress is working on eliminating torture, but our Dr. No, Dick Cheney, Mr. Goldmember in Gray, says “NYET!” Got to keep it available for the CIA. KGB. OOPS! Can’t we out-Russian the Russians? Make Stalin proud!? Get those confessions with German shepherds barking at the throats of fear-filled detainees who do not deserve the designation of habeas corpus, nor should they be given any rights in case they are not guilty. Though, if our American system is correct, one is innocent until proven guilty. Now I know that in Trinidad, people sometimes are held in jail for 18 months sometimes without even being charged. But we are talking about our once-great country and its democratic ways. Being corrupted
by our greed for oil and resources and war and the war economy we keep building up.

Must we now eliminate nuclear weapons, as the Nobel Peace Prize winner has just stated? All countries are included here. But what about nuclear power and its radioactive wastes running out into the environment every day, and building up in its spent fuel pools outside? What about the 3000 tons of ‘depleted’ uranium we spewed all over that country we claim to have wanted to liberate:
Iraq! There will be an awful lot of cancers and maladies from that evil eternally radioactive toxin
[half life is 4.3 billion years]. And what about those new nuclear bunker busters our infernal
moronic paranoid military/Bush/Cheney mindlessnessers have funded? Each one equal to the blast power of 80 Hiroshima atomic bombs. Yet we are rationalizing using them, building a project’s worth of them, to strike the evil “enemy” that we see everywhere, while telling North Korea, and Iran, no! you cannot have nuclear weapons! We can ready new ones to drop on you, just like we have with our “depleted” uranium weaponry, but you are part of what we deem is the
“Axis Of Evil” that we are anxious to destroy at ample provocation. Which we could never be a part of. Not innocent ole killing raping us in the name of corporations that pervert democracy, including unfortunately our own.

Cannot get away from the drive for apocalypse that our military and our religious maniac, Mr. Bush,
and his destroyer in the bunker, Mr. Cheney, are building in the basement.

Let me breathe some glorious tropical air, free of nuclear contamination, before I have to drop back into the ruination of our country that is relentlessly ongoing, denying the reality of what dedicated scientists, and sensible citizens have to say.

All the Best,
Conrad Miller M.D. 12 December, 2005

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