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Dr. Miller To Appear On Nationwide Radio Weds 5 – 17 – 06 2-3 PM EST

Chuck Harder hosted Dr. Conrad Miller on Weds May 17, 2006 on his national radio, and worldwide internet broadcast from 2-3 PM Eastern Standard Time. The attempt to hijack the internet was discussed in addition to Bush administration efforts to garner the world’s nuclear waste for reprocessing in America. Available on podcast via

Recent attempts in Congress to sabotage neutral internet access, lobbied for and paid for by the telecom companies, which you are hardly hearing about on your television or radio, should interest you. Background, including the gigantic swindle that occurred via the Telecommunications Act of 1996, also were shared with Mr. Harder’s audience.

The picture of the Bush administration’s increasingly intense nuclear focus, including a new “tactical nuclear device” aka “bunker buster,” that was scheduled to undergo a June 2, 2006 test too close to Las Vegas was also revealed. Plus, the current administration’s actual funding of a worldwide push to further spread nuclear power across the globe despite its well known [but unfortunately not publicized and restated enough] extremely long-lived toxic effects, abetted by the lie that nuclear power is “safe and clean” also was portrayed.

Chuck’s post relative to the 5 17 06 show goes like this:

“Riding Down the Highway”

Posted on Wednesday 17 May 2006

“OK. Youíre cruising down the highway and everything is going along great when you see a sign that says ëToll Booth Aheadí. All right. No big deal. You come up to the booth and take out your money or E-Z Pass. However, the toll booth person stops you with a question. ìSo, how do you really feel about paying this toll?î he asks. If you respond positively he waves you through but if you grumble about the cost, he tells you to go to the end of the line. The others have priority over you even if you reached the booth first. This may sound a little far-fetched but this scenario may play itself out on another kind of highway – – the internet highway. So says the guest of Chuck Harder on his ìFor the Peopleî show. The guest is Dr. Conrad Miller, author of the book, ìThe Most Important Issues Americans THINK They Know Enough Aboutî. The first topic under discussion is COPE (Communications Opportunity Promotion and Enhancement Act of 2006). Chuck thinks that the name is not a true indication of what it really means. Miller ( WEBSITE: says that the internet is a dangerous place and that with this bill, it is becoming more so. He feels that it is a way for Big Business to simply take over the internet, squeezing out the average user. Also on the agenda for Chuck and the good doctor is the issue of nuclear waste. And Chuck has an interesting thought – – no matter where it is stored, eventually the container holding the waste will disintegrate and then what? Go here so you may listen to this podcast:

What Do You Think? Chuck wants to know…..

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More information concerning the organic standards assault and the recent anti-food-safety-labelling movement is accessible at

Some background on Chuck Harder:

Meet the man who invented CONSUMER AFFAIRS RADIO! Chuck Harder founded FOR THE PEOPLE NETWORK in 1987. In doing so, he created a radio program that did more than TALK about what America needs. His is a show, that over the years, has had a profound impact on the lives of MILLIONS of working Americans.

Chuck Harder joins TalkStarÆ Radio line up with the promise of renewing his radio fight for a NEW MORNING IN AMERICA with even greater vigor, because he believes his message is needed more now than ever before.

Mr. Harder wants to see JOB’S COME BACK to America. Chuck says, “We have lost 20 million good high- paying jobs as our government encourages factories to move offshore and fire the USA workers. Two government agencies; The Overseas Private Investment Corporations and the USA Agency For International Development actually help factories move. We must bring the factories back so we can have a “value-added” economy and be able to pay our international debts. We are now the world’s largest debtor nation and it used to be the other way around before “Free Trade.”

Mr. Harder concludes, “Our mission is to restore America and protect the working family. This is done by raising awareness of the issues affecting us and then in turn those in Washington will eventually hear our pleas. What can YOU do? Listen to our show daily on TalkStar Radio and watch our NEW TELEVISION SHOW. We will tell you on the radio how to get our TV Show.”


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