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Israel Using Depleted Uranium Weaponry & G-8 Planning Spread Nuclear Power

Yes, once the radioactive genie starts its killgame, its hard
to stop the copycat countries from thinking before playing
with their new toys. Israel is using, and Putin seems to
be leading the G-8 charge to spread nuclear power.

No, you haven’t probably heard it on your radio,
or seen it on your TV, but,
Just in case you might have thought innocence is
its own greatest reward:

Israel is using depleted uranium weaponry, according to Russell Hoffman, as published in his latest newsletter. This leaves uranium radioactive debris on the ground roundabout wherever it lands to cause cancer and spontaneous abortions and congenital deformities for
not weeks or years, but centuries upon centuries [half-life more than 4 BILLION years]. This is unconscionable!!
Israel is running hog wild, going to Chelm without a Chelmet, with new nuclear weapons/toys, which of course should never be used against any “opponent,” or country of human beings. And don’t forget the animals and plants. And how many of those killed or maimed are the true objects of this gross diffuse unsatisfactorily-focused destruction?

And, naturally, Bush condones and cheerleads such behavior. Doesn’t that make you suspicious, Dear Intelligent Reader??

Here are 4 scary paragraphs about what you should know about it all, plus info about
G-8 secret nuclear power-pushing blueprint rich in more stupidity ending in
revealing that Putin apparently is the main Mad Man
behind the drive >> KGB-King wants
to float nuclear power plants wherever they can be situated…..

First from Russell Hoffman, the 4 brief paragraphs:

August 2nd, 2006

Dear Readers,

The United States is designing nuclear weapons for use in “tactical” strikes, pretending that civilians will not be harmed. Such thinking might only be misguided or ignorant, but I think it is an intentional blindness. Building nuclear weapons is, itself, a war crime. Using them is simply a more OBVIOUS war crime.

Israel is using Depleted Uranium weaponry in Lebanon, along with concussive rounds, 2,000-lb bombs in cities and towns (which invariably kill everyone in a wide circle, and wound and maim many others in a wider circle), and, of course, they are using “Willie Pete.” [– white phosphorus, burns white hot, is not extinguished with water, used in Vietnam and Falluja, Iraq, sick brother of napalm.] These are all war crimes [apparently OK to use white phosphorus according to the], along with Hezbolla’s use of Katusha rockets and suicide-bombers against civilians. So are assassinations, car bombings, environmental destruction, endless war, false excuses and a million other things. But they keep happening.

Meanwhile, in energy and/or nuclear government agencies in the U.S., U.K., Russia, and elsewhere, the current global strife is seen as an OPPORTUNITY to spread “peaceful” nuclear power.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair visited California this week to talk about energy with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, but the details have not been released. That alone smacks of a pro-nuclear bias. Nuclear power is the hush-hush energy option, because it’s technologically unworkable, uneconomic, and tends to be strongly (or not-so-strongly) opposed by most citizens and by all reasonable, knowledgeable, experts. So why talk about it?


More on the G-8 Apocalypse ASAP SNAFU Just For YOU!:

By Rob Edwards Environment Editor

“World leaders are planning a massive expansion of nuclear power in their own countries and across the developing world, according to documents drawn up for the G8 summit and leaked to the Sunday Herald.

An action plan for global energy security to be agreed in St Petersburg next weekend envisages a network of nuclear fuel plants in G8 countries combined with the widespread sale of reactors to developing countries ? as long as they promise not to use them for making nuclear bombs.

G8 leaders also want to resurrect fast breeder reactors, which are highly controversial because they breed plutonium, a nuclear explosive. It was this type of reactor that was pioneered, and abandoned, at Dounreay on the north coast of Scotland.

Environmentalists accuse leaders of double standards and dangerous hypocrisy. But the G8’s nuclear plans are likely to be backed by Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose own much-heralded energy review favouring new nuclear stations in the UK is due to be launched this week.

The G8 summit is due to take place in St Petersburg between July 15 and 17, just over a year after the leaders of the world’s eight most powerful countries met at Gleneagles in Scotland. This time it will be led by Russian president Vladimir Putin, who has put global energy security at the top of the agenda.

Confidential drafts of the energy plan of action drawn up by the sherpas, the senior G8 officials who guide prime ministers and presidents towards the summit, have been passed to the Sunday Herald.

One of the plan’s main aims is to spread nuclear power stations around the globe.

The latest version of the action plan says: Those of us who have plans relating to the use and/or expansion of nuclear energy believe that its development will promote prosperity and global energy security, while simultaneously offering a positive contribution to the climate change challenge.

Improving the economic competitiveness of nuclear power will benefit all nations, the plan argues. But nuclear expansion has to be based, it says, on a robust regime for assuring nuclear non-proliferation and a reliable safety and security system for nuclear materials and facilities.

The idea is to keep the more sensitive nuclear facilities that can be easily diverted for making bombs within the G8. Other countries would not be allowed to enrich uranium fuel, or to reprocess spent fuel to extract plutonium.

They will be permitted to run reactors to generate electricity but will have to buy fuel enrichment and reprocessing services from G8 countries. Participation of developing countries in a shared nuclear energy system through developing the network of international centres providing nuclear fuel services could be a viable option for reducing their energy poverty and bridging the energy gap, the plan says.

At the same time, G8 leaders are proposing to bring back fast breeder reactors, which were scrapped in Germany, France and the UK in the 1990s because they were too expensive. They are designed to create and burn plutonium and are much less reliant on imports of uranium.

The leaked action plan says: A significant step in promotion of self- sustainable nuclear power would be attained through the development of innovative nuclear power systems based on closed nuclear fuel cycles with fast neutron reactors.

This is a dramatic change, since fast reactors have been off the political agenda in Western countries for at least a decade. And it will run into fierce opposition because of the risks it poses for international efforts to control the spread of nuclear weapons.

We’ve come to expect double standards and dangerous hypocrisy from the G8 but this year they are set to surpass themselves, said Shaun Burnie of Greenpeace International.

On the one hand we have the endorsement and promotion of the most dangerous nuclear technology ever conceived ? plutonium fast breeder reactors and reprocessing ? while at the same time condemning the nuclear proliferation threat from Iran and North Korea.

WWF Scotland director Dr Richard Dixon added: Incredibly, this rich boys’ club seems on course to peddle reactors to the Earth’s poorer nations, at the same time as they are warning us how terribly dangerous the world is.

Among the G8 countries, only Italy and Germany are sceptical of the nuclear future. Russia, the US, Japan, Canada, France and the UK are all enthusiasts and see great potential for increasing nuclear business.

Two versions of the G8 global energy security plan of action have been leaked, one dated March 6 and the other May 12. On nuclear energy their wording is similar in substance and there are no sections in brackets, suggesting the text is not in dispute.

The drive for nuclear power is being led by Putin, who is keen to maximise Russia’s technology expertise (AND URGE TO MAKE MONEY WITH AN UTTER LACK OF CONCERN FOR THE ENVIRONMENT, HUMAN RIGHTS, ETC. – ACE). He has a plan for mass producing reactors, installing them on barges and selling them around the world as floating nuclear power plants.

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Also recall that the USA and our allies in Iraq have left 3000 tons of “depleted” uranium on the ground there to eternally pollute the place. 3000 tons is 6 MILLION pounds of the stuff that can cause the usual birth defects, spontaneous abortions, cancer, as can any radionuclide. And kids are picking up the debris to take home and play with.

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