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Fire – A Poem By Winne Jackson


Our Very First Poem On The Website



FIRE burns hot and bright
FIRE dances and sways, slowly gyrating through our bodies
Like a harpist, plucking a sweet soul soothing song
FIRE ignites the marrow, consuming all the emotions

We want to control FIRE but FIRE will not be tamed
FIRE loathes rules
FIRE is the ultimate ruler, friend, lover, and foe
FIRE is not regulated by timetables
FIRE sets its own time; it is timely and timeless

FIRE takes us by surprise
Perplexing and pleasant
Invigorating and intense
FIRE blissfully burns unabated when two hearts are aware
Life is bursting with life, adventure, and joy
Left to linger in a darkened room, FIRE sadly expires leaving embers and ashes

What happens to a FIRE long ago banked?
Did the embers really die?
Were the last embers stored secretly in the heart light?
Did the soul foresee a day when fate once again ignites FIRE ?

FIRE renewed is wiser, burns hotter, lights the soul from the marrow
FIRE renewed is melodious, gentle, and fresh
FIRE renewed is cleansing and nourishes numbing nothingness
FIRE renewed is wholly embraced and revered

©winne jackson 2/22/2007

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