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Ratatouille – New Full Length Cartoon Gets Five-Star Rating

Yes, we heartily recommend that you savor the
newest gourmet animation populated mostly
by protagonistic rodents, or rats. But Remy IS different…

Everyone seems to love the new feature length
“G” rated cartoon entitled “Ratatouille” – pronounced
Rah-tah-too-ee. The story is terrific, the cartooning/
animation/imaging is incredible. And though it has
the Disney mark on it, it actually comes from a
“studio” or subdivision of Disney, Pixar.

I don’t want to tell you the story, except that is
has a French setting. All the dialogue, however, is
in English.

If you’ve ever been to Paris, the scenes along the Seine,
and in the streets look like photographs, until you
realize the characters are moving within them.

There are so many extras in this movie, that you will
adore, and be fascinated by. The one scene that was
worth the price of admission for me was when the main
character/rat has to take the deceased-Chef’s book “Anyone Can Cook” with him when he escapes an attack by a poor old woman. He ends up in a creek/river paddling on the book into a tunnel that forks/has two ways to go. Sounds are great, perspective also great. What happens after that, the technique, what you see, how they did it [?] make for magic, especially for a water person like me.

Peter O’Toole was the imperious voice of the kyphotic food
critic Anton Ego. A character to reckon with.

There is a very slightly violent tinge to the movie, but look at the times we live in. Not overly violent tho. Just a slight warning. But most people/parents probably will evaluate it as OK fare.

The milieu/theme for this movie is cooking and good food and sense
of smell, and how a kitchen works. You get all that.

The cartooning is not cliche Disney, by the way. It is way more creative. And state of the art. For the supporting technical staff is amazingly deep. There were about ten people in the credits just for shading. Also a few for “Steambox,” whatever that is.

I heartily recommend it as a fun movie, with a philosophical angle. For both kids and adults.

Length of movie is just short of two hours.
And the time flies past…..
C 2007 Conrad Miller M.D.


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