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La Playa – A Poema From Trinidad’s Jude Patrong

I met Jude Patrong in mid-December 2007 in Trinidad,
down in the southern Caribbean. He is one of
the founding members of the Circle of Poets
of Trinidad and Tobago, formed in 1999.
In his chapbook ‘Poemas Of The Caribbean Sun,’
he writes of Carnival and Crack Babies, Love
and Giants, Rituals and The Ruination of
Nature and Man by Industrialization.
Here is a romantic poem of his that he wishes
to share with all of you entitled:

La Playa

The sun played while the seashore danced
I stretch forth my hand and said
You’re my true companion

I was embraced by the shore
in the curved form of my beloved
between the rock of age,light
and harmonious sound

As the overseer of the ceremonial cloud, gathered
the orchestral wind, air and water trilled
in nuptial song.

Carolina’s long tresses were veiled beside me
upon the placid shore
Her bridal dress of satin and silk
unfurled and trailed
with efflorescence of mist

Along the water’s edge we walk
with traces of her slender foot prints
upon the sandy floor
I gently caressed her feet of earthen clay
and anklet of shells

By the sound of the ivory shore playing
She laughed and rolled with the tides
that joined the marriage of water and earth.

C 2007 Jude Patrong.

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