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Dr. Miller on WCCC Hartford (& Internet) Radio Oct 1 9:35 AM

Dr. Conrad Miller will appear on the ‘Sebastian In
The Morning’ Radio Show Weds 9:35 AM Oct 1 2008
on WCCC 106.9 FM radio out of Hartford, Conn. 
‘Where’s The Common Sense?’ will be the subject
of the conversation. If you
are not in the Hartford, Connecticut area, you
can hear the show at via
the internet.

Expect to hear some of the subjects below

Corporate greed and the breakdown of our governmental
regulatory system has led us
to a $700 Billion bank bailout.  Our common sense
should be offended by what we have to put
up with: foreclosures on millions of our homes,
but only the banks getting federal handouts.  Ignoring
re-instating the 1999-repealed Glass-Steagall Act that
separated activities of commercial and investment banks. 
Energy pundits not spending our hard earned money on
alternate energy that could safely supply ALL American
homes with electricity before the first new nuclear plant
in 40 years might come on line by 2015.  Having to swallow
the ridiculous claim that nuclear power is ‘green’ – while
the nuclear industry sneakily attempts to get
UNLIMITED loan guarantees below the radar of media reportage. 
The media failing to report news like HALF of all
non-organic sugar will be of the genetically modified
(GMO) variety by the end of 2008.  Not hearing that
GMO-fed rats developed smaller brains, testicles, and
livers when compared to control study rats.  Corporations
gaining too much influence over our govt and media for us to
even know this has happened, leading our country in so many
wrong directions.  Dr. Conrad Miller’s latest book ‘The Most
Important Issues Americans THINK They Know Enough About – Edition III’
discusses this overall picture.  

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