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Shinobi Ninja Rocks The Talkhouse July 1 2009

Shinobi Ninja!  High energy, Baby Girl, D.A. rapping and rocking,
twin brothers Maniac Mike (guitar) and Terminator Dave (drums)
anchoring the band, six terrific musicians putting their
hearts and souls out there in Amagansett at Stephen Talkhouse
to start off the month of July 2009.  Beats were hot, Baby Girl
added her magnetic beauty (even without make-up) to songs and
movements singing like an angel or a witch, or holding a note
for a minute or two during the punk diatribe ‘Stop!’  A professional
dancer that has travelled the world with folks like Ricky Martin
to Diddy, Baby Girl is the off-setting centerpiece amidst the punk
and heavy metal and rock and rap that define Shinobi Ninja.  Her
soul and R n B influence makes the band broader in its scope than
their Beastie Boys/Metallica side.  And D.A. in his sunglasses
and colorful hat gets down to it, not giving in, no way.

‘That’s The Way We Do It’ ended the two set show. ‘Rock Hood’ was good.
As were songs vehemently opposing personal oppression, dealing with
‘Black Dreams’ (which seems to be the best song on the first CD to
my taste, so far).  Meanwhile, while you’re sailing past Bensenhurst
(Brooklyn) out of New York harbor, or drinkin’ your forties on
the boardwalk in Coney Island, keep an ear out for a tune called
‘Na Na,’ (pronounced “Nya Nya”) featuring Baby Girl with its
unusual rhythm and infectious beat.  This one will appear on their
second CD.  The first CD has nine tunes and is sounding good on
my Sony deck right now.

Watch out for this band.  They will make you shout and pout and
be happy and wacky, bouncing off the walls, partying defiantly,
leaping into a low ceiling somewhere in Brooklyn or Mumbai….

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