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Dr Miller Interviewed On About Fukushima Pouring Radiation Into The Pacific Ocean

Dr. Miller was interviewed on July 6, 2012, about the 
latest Fukushima happenings in Japan: radioactive leaks and outflows 
into the Pacific Ocean contaminating the tuna and the sharks off 
San Diego and in the Sea Of Cortez.  
What is happening with the radiation?  What might occur if 
Fuel Pool #4 loses its water? Its walls are bulging on two sides; an 
earthquake could further compromise it, uncovering the fuel assemblies - a 
fire could start releasing 10X the amount of cesium Chernobyl released, 
according to Robert Alvarez, senior policy adviser to the Dept Of Energy.
Hear more, about 41 minutes worth, via's   and << this audio 'blog' can be 
listened to at any time you like.

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