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My Frost Bitten Toes Are Beginning To Thaw…….

Phil explains what went on in Oz’s election
in his district, as his frostbitten toes begin
to thaw – – down south in northern New Zealand…

Back to the election in Oz:

In my electorate, we had 5+ candidates, and the political parties hand out “how to vote cards” indicating where they want their preferences to go – so you can follow that or vote how you want to.

Howard represents a blue ribbon seat in one of the wealthy Sydney electorates and therefore a big liberal party seat. (He is elected by the party as Prime Minister). In my electorate we have a big military presence and the last election, as I said earlier, the Liberal Party wanker got in with 88 vote majority – but this time there was a big swing to him and it appears the seat is no longer marginal.

The Labor party needed only 45 people to change their vote, but with the wedge politics and the fear campaign the people voted with their wallets!!@#!@!

Well the Sun is shining and my frostbitten toes are beginning to thaw!
Still waiting on callbacks to my sales pitch for work so still hopeful and really want to stay here (see above!)

Regards to one of your earier Qs,
re GM-food-free-NZ, appears they have shifted a little on the issue, and a decision is still to be made (Money talks!)

Gotta go amigo

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