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No Longer An Aberration, George Bush Re-Elected

This is a terrible time for America and the world. With the re-election of George Bush,
his, and now ëour,í militant beyond-the-law actions can no longer be seen as an aberration. The American people have chosen to approve his policies for another four years. Our USA is now
the superpower that leads the world, killing civilians as a part of our war on terrorism, deeming the Geneva Conventions obsolete, torturing ëterroristsí at Guantanamo Bay or ëoffshoringí them for torture to countries like Libya, Egypt, Morocco . 100,000 Iraqis have been killed in our liberation/occupation of that country , the resources of which we are privatizing at a mind-blurring clip following a pre-ordained ëEconomy Planí and its Annex D that pushed back elections until the plan could be implemented.

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