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Amsterdam Herbalists Silenced By International Repression

Well, it’s not only Amsterdam herbalists, but all
healers and herbalists who want to continue aiding
their customers and patients in knowing what an herb can do in what situation, approximate dose, etc. But the corporations who want the patent rights to such herbs discourage what has always been common knowledge about them. Here’s more of the story…..

I just returned from the cutting edge city of Amsterdam, Nederlands. While there I visited Jacob Hooy & Company, Herbalists, just south of the Waag (pronounced Vaach – it means weighing station, from the olden days).

Although the family has been manning the Hooy counters for 11 generations, over the past 6 years they can no longer advise in writing what an herb can do. This may seem unbelievable, but it is part of what the WTO and BigPharm want to do to non-prescription herbs and drugs.

The claim is that herbs like lavender and neem and noni have to be scientifically proven to do what
people already know they are capable of doing, or
they won’t be safe to market. Sounds logical to some, perhaps. But the real game is that only big corporations will be able to research and market what common people from around the world have used as helpful herbs and medicines from time immemorial.

Costs to promote, protect legal patenting, do the studies commonly will approach $500,000 US for
usage in just a few countries. Poor countries, and poor people in Angola and Zimbabwe, do not have the means to protect their local herbs, even for their own use. Though, they would like to help serve the world with their herbs that have been
common property of their own people, and all people.

Right now, the Codex Alimentarus is the United Nations body being staged as the arbitrator and administrator of the holy herbs of the Earth. To ostensibly protect the consumer everywhere from
erroneuous herb advice and usage. That means dosage, effects, etc.

But most of us want to continue using these herbs, without interference from big corporations wanting to capture their patenting, preventing us from using them, unless we pay the price they decide is what
‘the market’ dictates.

Codex Alimentarus is not a tapeworm, by the way.
It was originally formed to help poorer nations set standards for food treatment, nourishment documentation, etc. Now the pharmaceutical industry, the biggest overall political campaign donating group in the USA, wants in on our naturally growing herbs, nurtured by our mothers and healers. With a lot of help from George Bush and friends, Codex Alimentarus will effectively take away our fair access to herbs and supplements.
Unless people speak up and contact their Congresspeople, Senators, and other representatives in our government.
Your Senator? call 202-225-3121.
Your Representative in the House of Representatives? call 202-224-3121.
Make a phonecall to ensure that greed does not conquer all. Tell the person you call that your herbs and supplements must be protected from
an exclusive take-over by the big corporations.
Expect to give them a line or two of information.
They’ll ask for your address – if they don’t, give it to them — and tell them you vote, and they better
do the right thing, or you won’t vote for them come the next election!

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