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Dr. Miller’s Book Discussed By Al Weisbecker, Author of ‘In Search of Captain Zero’

Commentary on the book from Al Weisbecker:

ConradĂ­s book is impeccably researched and vetted, his mountain of sources duly footnoted (there are over 500 source footnotes, should you care to check his facts). His more shocking revelations are based on multiple sources, often including United States Government documents, most a matter of public record. A solid piece of investigative journalism.
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Milk From Genetically Altered Bovine Growth Hormone Injected Cows Can Cause Cancer

The USA is one of only three industrialized countries that do NOT ban the use of Bovine Growth Hormone injections into
milk cows (Mexico and Brasil are the others). 22% of US cows receive these injections biweekly — Studies show that breast,
colon and prostate cancers are associated with a hormone in this milk. See Dr.Samuel Epstein’s article…
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Iran North Korea Nuclear Horror Paranoia Which We Promote

All this talk about President Bush’s energy policy, and outrage at Iran and North Korea for their nuclear ambitions, is perplexingly misplaced. Oil man Bush has been quoted as having one of his main goals for term II the pushing of nuclear power — see Ron Suskind’s ‘Without A Doubt.’ [NY Times Sunday Oct 14 2004]

Of course, we should be making a grand investment in wind and solar and hydrogen power (not generated by nuclear power, as Mr. Bush intends). Germany already has the equivalent of 14 nuclear power plants’ worth of windpower built and working in that country, that is phasing out nuclear power.

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Threatened Breakdown of Organic Standard Enforcement for Milk, plus more on Mad Cow Prions

To be considered ‘Organic,’ the cows that produce our precious organic milk must be able to feed on pasture land, not be confined expediently, as in other forms of factory farming. Also, be aware that Mad Cow prions are now being discovered in muscle (‘meat’), not just in brains, spinal cords, in new experiments. Check the details…..
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