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May 2006 Battle Won On Internet Freedom and Maintaining Internet Neutrality

A bipartisan majority on the House Judiciary Committee this week passed the “Internet Freedom and Nondiscrimination Act” — a good bill that would use antitrust law to protect “Network Neutrality.” It is a credit to all Americans who made those crucial phonecalls to the key members of Congress who cast the deciding votes on this issue. But the overall battle is not over. Money talks………

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Dr. Miller To Appear On Nationwide Radio Weds 5 – 17 – 06 2-3 PM EST

Chuck Harder hosted Dr. Conrad Miller on Weds May 17, 2006 on his national radio, and worldwide internet broadcast from 2-3 PM Eastern Standard Time. The attempt to hijack the internet was discussed in addition to Bush administration efforts to garner the world’s nuclear waste for reprocessing in America. Available on podcast via
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Please Save The Internet From AT & T et al

Companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are spending tens of millions of dollars in Washington to kill “network neutrality” — a principle that keeps the Internet open to all.

A bill moving quickly through Congress would
let these companies become Internet gatekeepers,
deciding which Web sites go fast or slow — and which
won’t load at all — based on who pays them more. The rest
of us will be detoured to the “slow lane,” clicking furiously and
waiting for our favorite sites to download.
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