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Dave Alvin Great American Music and Fantastic Electric Guitar

Dave Alvin, ex-Blaster, guitarist, songwriter, producer, music purveyor, played an explosive dynamic set of rocking bluesy other-side-of-life tunes with his band, The Guilty Men, at the Stephen Talkhouse Sunday July 9, 2006. Everything from “Out of Control” to “Surfer Girl” blessed the ears of the eastern Long Island audience with the touch of Mr. Alvin’s guitar expertise.
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Is Genetically Altered Corn Producing Herbicides In Your Gut?

Biotech engineered corn may be slowly poisoning American consumers. Dupont’s Pioneer Liberty Link corn was bioengineered to withstand high levels of the toxic herbicide glufosinate. Enzymes in the plant actually break down the herbicide, making it less toxic to the plant, but likely NOT to the human gut where scientists are now finding that enzymes there are likely “reactivating” the herbicide within our bodies. A recent study on rats found that 10% of the chemicals were reconverted back to the toxic herbicide within the digestive tract of the animal. Another study on goats found a full 30% of the herbicide was rebuilt in the gut. Glufosinate is known to cause nerve damage and is a likely endocrine disruptor. Scientists are also concerned that by reactivating the toxic chemical in the digestive tract, it is likely killing off beneficial bacteria necessary for healthy digestion.
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