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Phil in Whangerei, NZ

Well…. sitting at Russell’s, with the doves, swans and Stumpy the lorikeet. Arrived at Whangarei safely and drove up here under a stormy cloudy day, but the sun shines thru now and then. Everyone is busy, Russell is filling orders and Mac (Russell’s partner) is off to cook at the west coast cafe, Sharky’s, for the night. So I am enjoying the serenity of this magic bolthole.

Till next time, take care my friends, Phil

Missile ‘Defense’: The Trojan Horse for Weaponization of Space by the USA

‘Missile Defense’ actually is the Trojan Horse for the US weaponizing space. Our country is about to launch the first weapons into space, the N-Fire test satellites, in 2004, in defiance of the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. And if the Bush administration and new NASA head, Sean O’Keefe, continue to have their way, nuclear power will be part of this weaponization.
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